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boyfriends teenager is pushing me away

  I am thirty one, and started dating my significant other a year and a half ago. We are both from the same small town, except he is seventeen years my senior.  His wife of twelve years; whom, which was a well known member of our community!  His mother took her own life four months before we started dating. I dont think they were happy at all not to be confused with why she made the choice that she did !!
  They have a now thirteen yearold son who is throwing up,"what I feel" are some serioius red flags.. I was also in a horrible relationship with a man for three yrs proir to our courtship.  His over the course of the last year and a half there has been no counseling. His son has  C grade average has no extra curicular activites and is now on summer vacation.. He has onle left the house with grandma or dad!! Not to mention he has up until two months ago hidden Poop in  his pants and whereing them for two days.  He for the first three months had to be in bed with us . Once i found out he had never slept in his own be I realized that. A majority of this behavior was happening befor his mother died..
  I am three months pregnant and have not had a succesful pregnancy since my daughter.. we have been getting good knews so for and have another ultra sound monday. We hope to hear the heartbeat for the second time.. I am hopeful, but still as realistic person..   I am too the point where i dispise his son for his maniplitive bevior . The son at this [point knows what I can and cant handle and the further we mom into being a teenager he manipulates this anger to cause a wedge between my boyfriend and myself.. Every time i bring it up all he has are horrible exscuses and trys to campare with my six yearolod daughter whom is very well behaved. he sometimes seems jealous of the fact she is so great....  His son consumes himself with no outdoor activite and plays vidio games as soon as hhe wakes up until he goes to bed. This of coarse is only if hes not right betrween us.
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All of you should be involved in some treatment. The boy is surely showing signs of emotional disturbance, but the overall family situation should be a focus of the treatment as well.
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