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10 year old believes her stuffed animals are real

My sister recently turned 10. She lives with our mother and her father. She has developmental and emotional issues because my mother and her father are not good parents. I'm too young and not financially stable to be able to take her in yet. She started a couple of months ago believing that her stuffed animals are real. She believes they speak to her. She carries all of them everywhere except school. They don't tell her to do things; they just talk to her. They're basically just friends except they're not real. They're stuffed animals. I have been worried about it because if you try to explain to her they aren't real, she gets angry. I think it's an emotional coping mechanism because we have been through a lot in our lives. I guess I just need to know if this is normal behavior for an emotionally underdeveloped child.
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Hi.  Well, I am guessing that she isn't the only one that attaches friendship, comfort and love for her stuffed animals.  It's fairly common to give a life like persona to inanimate objects that comfort us.  The blankie, the teddie, etc.  I visited a college age nephew of mine and walked into one of his roommates rooms and he had two teddies tucked into his bed.  This is a 19 year old, good looking, personable, well adjusted engineering student at a major university!  

I would not worry about the stuffed animals.

But, what is going on with the 'not good' parenting?  Why do you say that?  And why do you feel she is emotionally undeveloped and what other developmental issues does she have?  Some more details about that would be really helpful to discuss this more!  We'll try to help!
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