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10 year old w/ ADHD, social problems

My 10 yo daughter was diagnosed w/ ADHD (inattentive type) and anxiety disorder last summer. 2 psychologists said her type of ADHD is very responsive to stimulant med. Her 5th gr. teacher says she daydreams but is a good student--very creative and bright--thinks she might be GATE. Teacher doesn't thinks meds are necessary now. We still have a couple of concerns though: her social behavior and negative attitude. She's never been well-liked at school--gets very few party or playdate invites.Now the small group of friends (also outsiders) she has lunch w/ are distancing themselves. My daughter complains that everyone hates her and thinks she's weird, which she blames on the "popular girls" spreading rumors about her. I have noticed that she often doesn't focus on other kids, doesn't show a personal interest in them or give compliments. She keeps to herself in class. She also likes to be in charge. She tends to see suggestions as criticism, so we don't know how to help her.
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It is likely that your daughter's ADHD should be treated - such treatment might offer her a useful tool in her studies and it may benefit her social interactions as well. It would also be useful to have her participate in a social skills group to address the problems she displays when she interacts with peers.
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