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11 mo. old won't crawl

My 11 month old boy just won't crawl. We encourage him by placing him on his knees and placing desirable objects out of his reach. He will rock on his knees, then fall on tummy, or, he falls on his stomach and cries, or lays on his side and rolls to the object. He can get from a lying position to a sitting position just fine and I have seen him get up on his knees a couple of times to reach things. He can stand for a few seconds holding on to something, then fall on his bottom. I have not seen any progress for about a month or so. He was Frank breech, but no hip or joint problems that we know of.  (My first boy was walking at 11 mo..) Is this normal?

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I know some children who just went straight to walking -- crawling just did not do it for them. Your son might be one of those. I agree you can check in with the doctor just to ease your mind, but its really not a problem if he does not crawl at this age-- its ok.
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I know that all children develop at their own pace in their own time, but you may want to talk to his doctor and have him evaluated to put your mind at ease. If he has stood before, that's a good sign, I'd think. Just keep gently encouraging him.
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