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11 month old girl touching genitals

Is it normal for an 11 month old girl to be reaching her hand towards her genitals while I’m changing her diaper? I have noticed her diaper cream is a similar consistency to her baby food, and she LOVES to play with her food. It’s almost like she’s amazed with her hands when they’re covered with food and stares at it while opening and closing her hand. I know playing with food is normal, but I’m not sure about reaching towards her genitals. A couple times I didn’t move her hand in time and she wiped some diaper cream off herself and started playing with it. But I don’t know if that is what she was intending to do or if it distracted her from what she was really trying to do.
Also, my husband/her father is a sex offender. 12 years ago he was at a party and performed/received oral sex with who he thought was 21 years old, but was actually 15. She was telling everyone she was 21 because she didn’t want any one to give her any problems about drinking. He didn’t know her real age until he was arrested. I don’t know if this is what’s making me paranoid with our daughter. I know there’s a big difference between a 15 year old girl and an 11 month old girl who is just learning how to walk, and can’t even talk yet. I would rather be safe than sorry.
I have asked her daycare workers if she is doing this with them too and they said they have. But that was all they said about it. They didn’t say if this is normal, they didn’t say anything that could be helpful. Just confirmed that she is doing it with them too.
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Hi there.  So, when you say 'diaper cream' are you talking about cream you put on her for say diaper rash?  I would keep moving her hand.  Kiddos do find their genitals I guess and they even masturbate. But as she gets older and older, the rule of keeping hands to self (no one touches you, you don't touch anyone else) and doing private things in private becomes important to keep stressing to them.  

With regards to your husband, that's hard. How old was he when this happened and how long ago was it?  There is also a pretty big difference between 21 and 15 . . .  but yes, that is a different scenario than having any type of sexual attraction or touching with a baby.  I would also be leery of the 'day care workers'.  

Try to make a huge deal of it.  Once something 'feels good' kids may keep doing it, especially babies that have no idea.  But again, not sure what you mean by diaper cream.  
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With diaper cream I mean a cream for diaper rashes. We have very sensitive skin so if I don’t use it for every diaper change she develops a rash. She’s had a reaction with some diapers even with diaper cream, and she had a severe diaper rash when I switched brands of cream one time. So I stick with the same brand of diaper cream and diapers because I know it works. She still gets bumps once in awhile if not enough cream is put on.
My husband was in his late 20’s when this happened. He said that she acted and appeared older than she was. He had no reason to believe she was underage at the time this occurred. When the police questioned him he was very open and truthful about every. It wasn’t until after they told him he was under arrest that they informed him the girl was really 15 years old. My husband wasn’t the only man arrested. The girl had sexual relations with men at different parties. She admitted that she lied about her age and everything was consensual, she wasn’t forced to do anything. His probation officer doesn’t view him as some sort of predator. She gave him permission to pick up our daughter at her daycare, where there’s other children, and a judge granted him permission to have unsupervised contact with our daughter.
My husband was so scared to date afterwards, he asked me for my license when we first met! I thought it was strange at first and he had a hard time explaining to me why he felt he had to do that.
I had issues when I was 15, my father and sister died when I was 14 and to be honest, I was doing the same thing that girl was. But I never told anybody until later on.
I haven’t seen my daughter actually touch herself yet. Everybody I have asked said that she has just reached down there and touched the cream with her hands then started playing with the cream that got on her hands. Every time I take her hand away, she keeps reaching down there until she succeeds in getting cream on her hands. She stops once she gets the cream.
I’m just worried that there’s more to it than the cream. That she has other intentions on reaching down there but forgets once she gets the cream. There’s nothing else going on to make me suspicious. My husband doesn’t always insist on changing her, or giving her a bath or dressing her. I usually bathe her and change her, he only does it when I ask him to or I’m busy with something else.
I feel I should add that I didn’t become suspicious of this until I started reading other stories on here. Reading the stories had me thinking about this, and that’s when I started having second thoughts that maybe there’s more to what’s going on that what I originally thought.

Obviously, none of us can say with absolute certainty what is going on, but personally, I think you're letting past events cloud your suspicions.  The fact that your husband was honest with you says a lot.  There is also a HUGE difference between an accidental attraction and relationship with a 15-year-old, and attraction to an infant.  HUGE.   Most pedophiles, upon being caught, are found to have molested many children, not just one, and they're not likely to be open about their crimes.   If you want to put it out of your mind completely, take your infant to a doctor and discuss your concerns.  You don't have to be specific, but you can say you just want to rule out any sexual abuse.  On a child that young, they would be able to tell, and if there's nothing amiss, your husband need never know you were concerned.  I'd hate to see your marriage in trouble over unconfirmed, unlikely suspicions.

It is entirely possibly - in fact, extremely likely - that your daughter just likes playing with the cream.  She might like the feel of it on her fingers.  I had two boys, and it was not uncommon for them to grab at their penis when I changed their diapers, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with them.  Sometimes babies just do things that feel good to them.
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