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11 year old masterbating

Is it good that a 11-year old id masturbating?
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your post disturbs me, what do you mean is it good?????????????????
yes it is normal at that age
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I don't blame you for prabably worrying, no one wants to find there child touching there privates. But by the age of 11, the child is a preteen,going through puberty and feeling a certain way. We are all sexual human beings, going through a natural process. Just talk to you child about sex and tell him/her to keep it private.
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Although I understand your worry it is certainly normal. It is necessary for a child to explore and become comfortable with their body. The process is very natural, although some cultures are more accepting of it than others, particularly at the younger ages, such as in this case. So is it normal, yes. Is it good, I suppose that depends on upbringing...
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yes I do think its normal.... everybody has done that as a preteen... it's nothing for your child to be imbarased about..
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There is a lot of research out there now showing a link between masturbation and shame coping. Like any coping, it's a way to deal with stress, trauma, shame, just like eating a donut or smoking a cigarette. And like those strategies it keeps us from addressing the real issues and has destructive consequences. I recommend learning some healthy coping skills (like talking about your problems, getting validation, etc.) that you can model, and helping him get those same skills. Therapy is awesome for this.
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