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12 year old with anxiety-cries now

I have a great 12 year that has suffered from anxiety since she started preschool when she was 3.She was always  very ery sensitive.Our pediactrician commented about this and wrote this down.This was nice later when she moved and we got a new Dr.that thought we were over protective parents.She when was 3 1/2 she was in the room when my father had a heart attack and died.The entire night was a nightmare.My Husband was gone at training and my mom froze and I was left trying to call 911 and protecting my daughter and ....She does remember this night.The problem now is that she will be in school and start to cry.She does not know why.She is an A-B student she does awesome in sports- and loves to speak in school and help in chapel.She has been on Prozac for about 7 years.This was not an easy choice but after 3 Dr.'s and 4 different counselors told us we should look into it for her.Since she was having panic attacks to the point where she was throwing up, we had to try something.We have tried acupuncture something new called EFT.Some worked for a short term.We have over 20 books and CD's and we feel lost.The teachers are awesome,but we need help on how to help her to stop crying.This is hard  since she says she does not know why.She is an only child (not by choice -I could not have anymore) We have been married for over 19 years.She has aunts and uncles and cousins that love her to death.So we need any help.Thanks-
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Anxiety is a genetic trait which is inherited at birth.  Life experiences may exacerbate the issue but they do not cause anxiety.  The death of the grandfather did not cause this child's anxiety - she was born with it.

Treatment for anxiety usually is a multi-modal approach - often intervention, therapy and possibly medication.  Medication is used to "take the edge off" so that therapy and/or intervention will work - therapy and intervention are the tools from which the person learns how to manage fears/anxieties.  This is why using Prozac is not solving the problem.  By the way, there are newer and better medications for children suffering from anxiety.  You really need to find a medical specialist with experience in anxiety disorders - perhaps one of your doctors could give you a name - perhaps a child psychiatrist or child neurologist or even a child psychologist (although this person would be unable to prescribe medication).  I also suspect your daughter is suffering from depression (anxiety is often co-morbid with depression) - possibly the reason your daughter cries a great deal of the time.  One caveat - research is indicating that anxiety is especially difficult to treat in teenagers, so please do not act tardy.

As you have learned, anxiety is a disorder that children do not outgrow nor does it go away.  Finding a specialist in your area may be difficult (don't know where you live) but you may be required to travel some distance.  Your daughter is lucky to have such a large, loving family as this aspect in her life is beneficial.  One additional item - you may wish to post on the "ask a doctor" forum to get a professional point of view.  I wish you the best ....
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