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12 year old with severve behavior issues

I need advice on what to do about my almost 12 year old stepdaughter's behavior.

Her history: she will be 12 in january, she lives with my husband, me , her brother, sister, and half brother.she hasn't seen or heard from her biological mother in three years, sexual abuse/neglect/abandonment by biological mother (we just found out about the sexual abuse which is being investigated), diagnosed with ADHD at age 5 and has tried concerta and strattera, had meningitis at age 1, drug abuse by biological mother during pregnancy and after.

Her symptoms/behaviors: uncontrollable stealing & lying (anything and everything), delusions, depression, suicidal thoughts, threatening to run away b/c she says she feels like we don't love her , poor hygiene, inability to concentrate, lack of interest in activities,hysterical crying over the littlest thing and 5 minutes later seems totally indifferent, anxiety, grades are failing in school even though she is in special education for all her classes, says she feels like everyone hates her, irritability, at times seems unfeeling emotionally, lack of self worth.

she had to go to juvenile services over stealing money and they recommended counselling, she has been seeing a counselor once a week for two hours and a therapist once a week for two hours, for 8 months and the therapist suggested the "love & logic" approach  but so far therapy hasn't made a dent. To quote the therapist " We are too busy putting out the little fires to address the real issues and i think she is beyond what you or I can do for her."  and he suggested trying inpatient treatment(which we are currently looking into).

i;ve been researching all the different disorders but can't find any one disorder that these symptoms point to.

So my questions are: What disorder(s) has(have) these symptoms? Is inpatient treatment a good idea? How do we go about getting her inpatient treatment? Would we need a doctor's referral?

ANY advice or suggestions or answers would be immensely appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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Have you considered borderline personality disorder - co-morbid with depression, anxiety and probably other issues?  Check out the following site "*********.com" and particularly note the message forum - supporting a son or daughter suffering from BPD.  Do note the "Discussion: What can a Parent Do" and "Suggested Reading" at the top of the fourm.  So sorry ....
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   You said she, "has tried concerta and strattera."  What medication is she on now?
Given her problems, I would be surprised if strattera was effective.  Sometimes it takes a period of trial and error by a really good doctor to find the medication that works best.
   A child with ADHD could have all of the symptoms you described.  But as Jdtm suggested, there are other possibilities up to and including bipolar.  
   My other question would be - besides is she on meds now and what are they? - would be -  is she or has she been seen by a psychiatrist?  
   I think it is wonderful that she is seeing the other therapists.  Its sad that they are not making much headway.  There obviously needs to be something else done for her.
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