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17yr old son won't come home or go to school

I dont know what i should do about my 17yr old son. He is my youngest. I have 3sons. 2 from first marriage. 24, 26. Oldest graduated from college with Honors, Bachelors in Business,  24yr old Special Forces in US Navy, both married and on their way as successful respectful young men. I thought i was a good mom. But my 17yr old "problem child" ran away to his Dads who doesn't and never has cared about our son, after an argument that led to a scuffle after he called me a ***** when I grounded him and tried to take his cell phone. He was high on marijuana his father had given him during a rare weekend he spent at his dads. Anyway, son lied about me in court, Dad got custody, year and half later kicked our son out, so he stayed with friends. Finally called me and let me know what was going on, after he stole houseshoes from walmart cause he had no shoes to wear. Btw his father said nothing, simply continued collecting $1, 342/month child support I paid while our son was elsewhere. Dad also forgot to mention he listed our son as a runaway 2months earlier and dropped him from high school. So since my son refused to come back homwith me. I asked court to give custody to his older brother in Navy. And my son went to Oak Harbor, Washington, leaving California.  Well, my son ran away from his brothers too, had marijuana in base housing, causing all sorts of problems for his older brother. Well, he ended up with a runaway now 18yr old pregnant girl who he says is his baby, we all have doubts. Anyway my son got new orders and just arrived in Key West, Fl. I was scared to death my 17yr old would be stranded up there 800miles away so only way he would come back is i agreed and bought this pregnant girl an airline ticket to fly down here and allowed my son to stay at same house he was staying when he was kicked out by his dad 2yrs ago. He promised he would enroll in home study and finish school. Well he hasn't, refuses to come home, pregnant girl just off probation for drugs, just arrived 2 days ago. And I recently learned the lady he is staying withs husband is in prison past 9yrs will be out Sept. And she has been committing food stamp fraud getting food stamps in my sons name Since he stayed there the first time, while he was in another state even, and police had to threaten to take her to jail last year for housing another teenage boy keeping him away from his parents. Put all that with fact this lady has felony as well. Sounds to me like she's using these teenage boys as fill in till her husband returns. Makes sense why both boys insist on staying with her.and smart on her part after all what 16 17 yr old boy would stand up to a grown man who has been in prison 9yrs saying lady belongs to him. Or even say they were having secx with her. Their behavior gives it away. I don't want to give up on my son cause he is a bright kind hearted person that hates me till the end of time. But as his mother I can't just not do anything and leave him at this woman's house for next 6mo till he turns 18. Do I notify authorities on her for child abduction/concealment and send my son to juvenile hall? Cause he refuses to come home she refuses to send him home. Or do I just leave him where he is to figure out his life? I really know he is so much more than this and he can suceed in life if I could just get him home. Any advice is appreciated.  Please help. ***@**** thank you and God Bless
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