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1st grader behavior issues

My son is having difficulty in first grade.

He has been pulled out of class each of the past three days and once last week due to his behavior in the class room, which include getting up and wandering around the class room, standing on his chair (once), getting upset at another student. The teacher communicated to us that he is easily distracted and does not pay attention.

At the advice of the school psychologist we took our son to see an independent psychologist who said our son is typical 6-year filled with energy and the school should figure how to address his behavior. We took this back to a meeting with the school and got a different view on the situation. A bunch of which scares and worries us.

The school he is in is one 5 city wide talented and gifted schools. He scored in the 99th percentile to be eligible.

He is expected to sit down and sit still through a lesson. This is hard for him to do. He has expressed that he is bored because the work is easy. The psychologist tells us that he may be bored because he his not ready for this type of work and he is like a kindergartner and still needs to learn through play - she said some of his behavior is appropriate for a 4 year old (he is 6). This scares me.

We talked about how he behaves like the other boy classmates during class trips, but were asked to consider that the behavior in that environment does not fit what is expected in the class room. We talked about the fact the he is very energetic and gets gym only once a week. We also talked about the fact that he has been complaining about a boy that bothers him / bullies him. We reported that to the school but he is still talking about it. I don't know real that is, but it obviously bugs him.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. His school work is great, his behavior is not. I'm so tried of constantly reminding him to behave only to have him fail repeatedly to meet expectations. I feel like I'm badgering the poor kid. What should we do?
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Two things might be useful. First, he should be evaluated specifically for the possibility of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (which may explain the inattention and overactivity). Second, a systematic behavior management plan should be implemented and it should call for immediate time out if he is out of his seat or bothering other children.
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