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2 Babies In Diapers . . . .

I Have A 21mnth Old... She's Still In Pampers , We Are Trying To Potty Train Her But Having A Lil Of A Hard Time...
Me And My Husband Are Also Trying For Baby #2 , I'm So Scared Cause I'll Have A 2yr Old And A New Born ..
Other Mommy's That Have Lil Ones Close Together Is It Hard ? My Sister InLaw Just Had A Baby And My Daughter Freaked Out Just Because I Was Holding My Niece... I'm Scared That When Baby #2 Comes She's Gonna Be A Handful.. And I'm PRAYING She'll Be Potty Trained By Than Too Cause I Don't Want 2 Babies In Pampers At The Same Time Lol.
I REALLY Want Baby #2 But I'm So Scared With How My Daughter Will Act... My Husband Wants Me To Be Stay At Home Mom , And I Want Too! But I'm Nervous , My Daughters Been Really Clingy Lately And It's Making Me Wonder If We Nailed It And I'm Prego With Baby #2 But I'm Scared On How My Toddler Will Act...
How Do Other Mamas Do It That Have Lil Ones Close Together?
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A couple thoughts.  She's probably too young to be potty trained.  True potty training happens when a child is able to recognize they need to use the potty,  and they are able to hold it long enough to get there.  21 months is awfully young to do that,  although some parents achieve that by frequently making the child sit on the potty - which does achieve the goal of clean underwear,  but isn't really potty training.  

It does sound like your child will have a bit of a difficult time,  since she was uncomfortable with you holding your niece.  

But I have to ask - what specifically do you not want about having two in diapers?  Is it the expense?  If you're thinking it's more work to have two in diapers - it isn't.  The hardest thing is to have a newborn and a child who is barely potty training so that you have to be one minute away from a toilet in all situations.  That's hard.  Diapers are super easy.

Lastly,  if you're pregnant now your children will be 2.5 years apart - that's not really "having babies close in age".  That's kind of the longest distance you can have them apart and still have them kind of grow up together.  Any further apart and their interests and abilities put them into two completely different peer groups.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Your concerns are very normal for any mother.  I trained my 20 month old son by planning a week long vacation.  We went to a condo on the beach that had all tile floors so no carpet. We had lots of time to pay attention. We put only a tshirt on each day and let his bottom stay bare.  Whenever he would pee we would say "go to the potty and put it in there"  He learned rather quickly to stop the stream and run to the potty.  So I think he had developed a micturation reflex at that point.  It can take longer that 20 months so pay attention to his awareness of his body functions. We gave him stickers and lots of praise and hugs with kisses for any progress.  It was very easy with pooping too because he would always stand very still when he needed to move his bowels so I had an idea when that was going to happen.  We did the same thing and he loved the praise.  I have two other children (all three are teenagers now)  and trained them the same way. As they got older, only one had a few accidents in his pants when he was engaged in playtime.  We always treated each child with love and respect as they were learning and were never angry or punishing.  They are all well adjusted happy teenagers today.  As for the closeness in age, my 2nd child, a daughter is 20 months older than my third child, a son.  I didn't plan the pregnancy so close but we were blessed anyway.  They have always been so close and best pals when toddlers.  Take your time with them because time goes so fast and then they are teenagers before you know it. You will not regret staying home to take care of them!! Enjoy this blessing in your life.  
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