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2 years old cries a lot in pre shool

my daughter is 2 years old and she has starte a pree school. it has been two weeks...se goes to pre school for two days a week for three hours and play school two day a weel one hour...but all the time she cries  in either of the school. she has not been detached with me b4..when i ask her abt the school she just says she doen't want to go to school..English is new for her she understands a little...she is use to of our mother tounge...i m confused that is this a proper time for her to go to school or i sould wait for some time...help me...
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If you can stay home with her - stay home.   I think she is too young to be in school.
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Yes if Possible keep her at home she misses you, its too young if shes crying ,try in a year ,
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If she does not need to be in day care/ preschool, then don't send her. 2 years old is really too young for most children.
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When I was growing up back in the 70s, preschool was for 4 year olds.  Maybe 3 if the kid was unusually precoscious or just needed to be social (my husband did preschool at 3).  Studies have shown that other countries where kids go to school later and don't even do preschool (maybe it was Norway?) that their students test higher than U.S. students.  I think they spend less time in school too.  I think it was an article at one point in either the Wall Street Journal personal section.  Anyways, it was about questioning why Americans test so far behind all these other countries when we have our kids start school at an earlier age and spend all the time doing all these extracurricular activities and making them study.  Maybe we just put too much pressure on our children to succeed and focus less on having a happy home environment.  I'm guilty of this too, and I have to remind myself that 2 is barely past being a baby.  

2 is a really young age for preschool.  If you are worried about her learning English, set up some play groups at your house.  She can socialize with a few kids and have you present at the same time, even if it's just in another room, you'll be in the same house.  If you are in the U.S., there are several moms groups.  I know of two... one is called MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) and another group is called Mothers and More.  You could google them and see if they have anythign near you.  If you are in another country, there must be some sort of moms groups you could join.  Or a library reading time for preschoolers once a week.  Lots of opportunities for your child to socialize with you present with her.

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