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2 yr old boy still won't talk!

Posted by Dominique on July 24, 1999 at 17:19:22
My two year old son won't talk. He understands everyword I say and follows directions fantastic! He grunts and points to things or drags and pushes me. He laughs when I correctly say what he wants. He makes noises like Fire Engines, dogs, birds, cars etc. but he won't say the words for those objects. I rarely even hear a mama or a dada and those sounds are not even directed toward us but just as a passing babble.
Sometimes it is very frustrating, as there are times I don't understand what he wants and we both end up very upset.
I've heard of children not talking till their 4 years old. I don't think I could wait that long to hear just one clear word, even if it were just "No".

Posted by HVMA Ph.D. - KDK on July 26, 1999 at 08:53:46
Dear Dominique,
There certainly is great variation in children's acquisition of speech. On the average, the two-year-old in this country may have quite a number of words in his vocabualry, while not using many of them on a regular basis. The child at two will be forming two-three word phrases, focusing mostly on words that name persons, things and actions. The two-year-old loves books, pointing to pictures and naming them. There is still reliance on facial expressions, gestures and body movement for communication, but a growing adaptation to spoken language.
Now, some children by the age of two are, developmentally, at the slower end of the spectrum. This may not be a sign of any abnormality. However, it may also signify a disability or a problem with the oral motor apparatus. It bears discussion with your son's pediatrician and perhaps evaluation by a Speech and Language specialist. So don't be alarmed, but don't sit idly by, either.
And, as a practical matter, try not to reinforce your son's communicating by gestures, grunts, etc. Encourage him to put into a word what he is trying to communicate. Give him the challenge, in a playful and patient way, to use his voice via words. Generally, once toddlers start this process, it quickly develops some momentum.
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