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2nd grade issues

Hi--My 8 yr old daughter has just started 2nd grade.  As usual, she really struggles when it comes to following directions-(especially written directions.)  She is easily distracted, but not hyper.  If she doesn't understand directions, she has been known to "make up her own>"  She is not a behavior problem and can be shy.  Her grades last year were good with the exception of one math grade on her report card.  She "zones out"  alot and tends to stare at things of interest.  She does well socially, but overall seems somewhat immature which is why I waited a year to send her to Kindergarten.  She does well with spelling and phonix.  Math is more of a problem area for her.  She is an above average reader.  I still, however, feel there must be a problem somewhere in her little head.  She doesn't fit any profile I look at!  She is stubborn, but aims to please.  I've considered the possibility of CAPD or ADD.  She can be very "spacey"  at times.  
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It does not sound like your daughter displays a problem with auditory processing, though you could rule this out via an evaluation with an audiologist. Your daughter is now sufficiently old that the evaluation could produce useful results. Inattentive-type Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a possibility. It might be useful for you and her teacher to complete one of the several standardized checklists that are employed to help determine the presence of symptoms typical of ADHD (and other conditions as well). Examples of such inventories are the Conners Behavior Checklist and the Basic Assessment System for Children. You could check with the school guidance counselor or social worker about this. Overall it does not sound like your daughter is displaying a serious condition.
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get her lead levels checked.  studys are now showing that over exposure to lead may be the cause to add and adhd.  ecspecially if you live in an older home or your child attends school in an older building.  lead levels use to be required they are now just recommended.  also, there are a lot of recalls on toys becuase of the dangerous lead levels.
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My 4 oldest struggled with some areas teachers discounted  due to the high verbal skills. Non-Verbal Learning Disorder really opened my eyes.  Math can be difficult,especially as they move up in level. Following directions is hard too, esp. with more than one at a time. Above-level verbal skills may be compensating for difficulties in math and social skills. Teachers don't recognize the weak areas, because other kids have no trouble at all with them.  My youngest started 1st grade and wouldn't do his work; finally they tested him for Autism/Aspergers. His social skills were very low; motor sklls were in the 3rd percentile, so  writing  & coloring really were hard for him.  Another problem was writing about feelings, or imaginative stories. He had no problem writing facts. This year he has an IEP and will hopefully benefit from the extra help the school is providing.
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Thanks to everyone
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