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3 and 5 year old

Please, I need advice, okay so here is the deal I have a three-year-old little girl and a five-year-old  who are both  very smart. the girl is  outspoken and is is usually very well behaved but there are these instances that she doesn't listen I tell her no when she isn't suppose to be doing something or acting inappropriate and she keeps on going whining, crying, and being loud. Especially when there are people around I have tried time out, and I am not for spanking but, I have tried slowly on her bottom, still cries for a bit but continues.  And my son is very well, but there are instances where he misbehaves yells at me and especially when his grandparents are around. I always tell them to get him in trouble but, they hear him crying and there is a new argument now because I am trying to get them in trouble. This has to stop I have appointments where they need to go with me even if they get a prize they still won't behave around. I have no idea what to do anymore Would Gladly appreciate any advice.
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     Essentially, the rules for behavior modification are that there must be immediate, short, consistent consequences.   Do not expect overnight miracles.  Experts say that it will take up to 3 weeks to change behavior, and that is when you are concentrating on one thing.
     Get the book, "SOS Help for Parents," by Lynn Clark.   It will give you a system using timeouts (correctly) that will work.  
     Remember, this will not work over night.  It must be consistent and immediate.  
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Hey, hope you are all doing ok, i can imagine how frustrating this situation can be, you need to be strong in order to handle this situation properly. Here are my suggestions: their misbehaving can be due to a lack of attention,  sometimes when kids keep on acting out on purpose, it's because they want to draw the parent's attention. can you connect with your children on an emotional level? you can try to improve your communication with your children, i hope you dont shout at them, i will propose you to catch them when they behave properly,  that's when you reinforce the desired behaviors. It will be great if you Try to ignor the bad behaviors and set limits in advance so that they know what to expect when they misbehave. You Try as well no to show emotions when they act out. Lastly, let them see in your eyes that you expect them to obey.

Good luck
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