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3 year old with behavior problems

My three year old has been acting out severely lately. She has began being violent, back talking, she throws toys, && refuses to follow directions. She has also began lying. She knows the difference between reality && fantasy, however she has began lying about EVERYTHING! Even the simplest questions get lies as the answers. For instance I can ask her if she needs to go pee, she will lie && say no. She has never really had a problem with lying before about two months ago. She has also developed a problem with hitting && thinking that it's funny to do so. She will kick, pinch, bite, && slap if she is upset about anything, or if she is just bored. She has also been talking back a lot. Anything that she is asked to do she will say no to && refuse to do it, no matter what I try. I have tried every discipline technique that I have ever heard about, with the exception of spanking. I work at a daycare, so I implement a lot of the I-care rules in my home, as well as the "redirect" approach to behavior issues. I'm not sure why she has began acting this way. I also think it might be important to include that she is epileptic && taking Keppra && Trileptal because I am wondering if she could be having side effects from these medications that could be causing this. Also, all of these issues began about the time that she had an accidental overdose on her Trileptal (there was a miscommunication between the doctor && the pharmacy which resulted in them telling me to give her 5 times the dosage I should have given her (5ml twice a day instead of 1ml twice a day). Could this possibly have anything to do with it? I would appreciate any comments on ways to control the behaviors, or on possible causes. Thank you.
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I am wondering if she could be having side effects from these medications that could be causing this.  --  your words

This is the first thing that I thought of - I don't know anything about epilepsy and these drugs but I do know that we had severe behavioural issues from an incorrect dose of an SSRI which our child was taking at six years of age.  The doctor changed the medication and the dose.  
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One more thing - it was six weeks after our child discontinued her medication before the drug was "cleared" from her system.  Hope this helps ...
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My thoughts are the same as jdtm there are side effects from meds, maybe it needs adjusting/changing Good Luck
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