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4 year old and bonding with dad

Hello well my son who is 4 and half is a hard child at the best of times always has been so was his dad as a child and i believe he has some behavior issues. But he is a beautiful smart little boy anyway i have always been a stay at home mum with him all the time he attends daycare 2 days a week unfortunately because of his bad behavior my partner hasnt been able to bond with him as easy as i have not through lack of trying he loves his little boy more than anything is it a father thing not having as much patients as us mums or is it just me
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It is hard to bond with someone you don't get quality time with.  If all he sees of the little guy is after work when he is tired....its tough.   You need to find ways for them to enjoy each other.  Game playing, going to the park, etc.

I am also wondering that if his dad had similar issues, if the little guy might have something like ADHD.  Your daycare teachers could give you some perspective on this.  This is important because there is lot that you can do to make his life and yours a lot better if he does have something like ADHD.  It is something that I deal with all the time over on the ADHD forum where I am also the CL.
Perhaps if you let us know what is behavioral issues are and when they happen we can suggest more effective ways of dealing with them.  I am also curious if these issues are better or worse after he goes to daycare.
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His dad had add as a child but my son definitely does not have adhd he was having a hard time at school but is now improving massively in leaps and bonds as well as at home but there is still those occasions when he really acts out the school was keeping notes and letting me know what sets him off and there working with him to give him a easier time at school his dad does work amd in the afternoons my son os more restless heading up to dinner time as all kids
Well, add is different then adhd.  But both have a very strong genetic link.  You really have given no examples of what he does, so I really have no clue as to if he has it or not - except for the genetic link.  

But, any thing you can do to get him outside and run around after school will really help with the restless problem leading up to dinner time.

How are his sleep habits?
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