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4 year old boys getting naked

My 4 year old son has been caught several times getting naked with his guy friends (all the same age).  It happened 2 or 3 times with 2 different friends about 3-4 months ago.  We spoke to him (as did the other parents) about how his penis was private and he was not to show it to others.  During these dicussions it also came out that my son had tried to "bite" his buddy's penis one time, and another time they said they were touching bums (like bum to bum)!  After many firm discussions and them not being allowed to play in his bedroom for a long time there had been no more problems.  Until yesterday when he was caught upstairs with a friend naked, they had apparently both gone pee and then they were getting changed.  Then today he was naked with another friend.  When we asked him after about it he said they wanted to measure them!   So is this normal?  We've talked to him so many times, he knows the rule "no getting naked". Otherwise he is a super little boy but we just are at a loss for what to do about this behaviour.

On a similar subject our son also likes to touch his penis (by himself) when he's watching TV.  He lays on his hands and touches himself and gets all red in the face and sweaty.  Is this normal at 4 years old (he's done it for a few years)?  We've talked to him about how this is a private thing to do and he should do it by himself in his bedroom.  If these are not normal behaviours what suggestions do you have?  Should we go talk to anyone about this?
Any help is greatly appreciated
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From what I have been reading in this forum, I would say it is quite normal. If you have been reading other peoples post, you would see. I believe little boys are doing what we (adults) comparative anylasis. You know, "show me yours and I will show you mine". Don't shame him or belittle him for getting naked with his friends, just instruct him and watch him. As for him touching himself he has found that it feels good. That is normal also, but not in public.  If you haven't noticed, he probably has erections while doing that. From what I have been reading, even young girls find pleasure in themselves. So, yes. It is normal. I don't believe anyone done anything to him, he most likely discovered it on his own. Just make sure he doesn't carry touching to his friends, even though that would be considered normal also. He found that it feels good to touch himself.
It is normal at that age.  A little surprised that he knows about those things.
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Thanks Liquid4444
I read the other posts and it does seem pretty normal.  I appreciate your thoughts.
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It could also be a sign that he has learned it from someone and whilst I agree with the other posts it does seem extreme in a 4 year old and a lot of it, so this does trigger off in my head a red flag of maybe older persons behavior , may be good to be watchful  here. Good luck
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This is totally normal many parent will walk in on there kids touching themselves but they are just curious it can also happen as a baby to it’s called infant masterbation
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Calm Down- there is nothing wrong with young children 'Experimenting', Comparing, or even touching each other- in perfect innocence. You wouldn't object to then comparing their Hair Length, Muscles or Eye Colour even Hand Size would you. To them it's just another body part. The more you make a 'fuss' about it and tell them not to, touch each other, the more they will do it. So long as there is NO suggestion of Adult interference, then there is absolutely no cause, for alarm. There are young children, just, exploring their world, don't you see that?
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I do disagree a bit.  I think families should have rules and make them clear.  NOT touching others or letting others touch your privates is a basic rule.  It should be taught and enforced and it's for the welfare of all.  Kids with hands down pants does happen.  When I have seen my boys in that position, we kind of make a joke to draw their attention that um HEY, you're around other people . . . get your hand out of your pants!  When they were little, I just said for them to stop (hands out pants).  I mean, that's teaching manners and humility.  I wouldn't want the picking at their butt hole anymore than holding their penis when walking around the house.  Ya know?  So, guiding kids to socially acceptable behavior and having boundaries (no touching each other, clothes on unless in bedroom, bathroom or whatever) is parenting in my opinion.  
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