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4 year old misbehaving

My 4 year old son has been getting out of control at daycare now for about 6 weeks.  He is hitting, pushing, throwing toys, walking up to kids for no reason and kicking them or knocking down their toys, kicking chairs, kicking his teachers, punching his teachers and friends.  We dont know what to do.  He doesnt display this kind of behavior at home.  So we figure it has to be something at the daycare.  We just cant figure it out.  He has been in this classroom since the end of November so its not a new situation.  We punish him at home for what happened at school, we have taken things away from him that he enjoys, we send him to bed early and nothing seems to work.

A little background info-  He was born 5 weeks early and was in and out of the hospital the first 4 months he was born due to RSV and premature apnea.  His father and I split up when he was 20 months old.  But he talks to him every night.  

Any ideas or help would be great.  
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If what your doing at home seems to be working.  Sit down and talk with the daycare to see if they can impliment some of the same discipline techniques you are using at home.  Is there maybe a teacher or child in daycare that he doesn't like at all?  Talk to him in a very non-pressure way to see if you can find out who or what he's having a problem with.
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No punishing him find out what is happening at Day care as he is good at home , the school can use their own methods at school to estabish some control on the situation, perhaps the teachers ignore the children dont stimulate them enough, happens a lot ask what the routine is there, what is the schedule in the class.he is trying to get attention, negative attention is better than no attention.
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