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4 year old scared of loud noises

Since my son was a baby he has always be very nervous about certain things, things that most babies loves. He has never liked things such as being lifted up into the air, tossed up, or being upside down. When these things are done to him he goes into a panic and starts to scream in fear. When he was about 3 his fear started to spread to noises, he now has a fear of loud noises. He is afraid to go into public bathrooms because of the blow dryers, he will cover his is ears scream is a smoke detector goes off and these are just two. I am going to take him to the doctor but I would like to have an idea of what may be going on if any so I can advocate for my son if a second opinion is needed.
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Sounds like he's brushed with Sensory Integration Disorder.  Google that and see if it sounds right.  
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My own son has sensory integration disorder and auditory processing issues (over sensitivity to sound being part of it) is a classic symptom.  

We do have a sensory forum here at med help as well.  You can find it to the right under related forums.  

good luck
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Thanks for the help I will have to look it up! Again thanks to you both!
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No problem and as I've been working on things with my son since he was 3, I'm here any time you have a question.  And don't forget the sensory integration disorder forum here at med help!  luck and peace
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