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4 year old throws tantrum every morning at drop off

My son has been in pre-k for over 3 months now and still cries every morning. The teachers takes him out of the car at drop off screaming and fighting. The teachers tell me it usually only last a while after they get to the classroom but it worries me and I don’t think it’s normal how much anxiety he has everyday. He only talks about how he doesn’t want to go back and that he is scared. He had told me at the beginning of the year that his teacher was calling him names and saying profanities to him, so on open house we mentioned to the teacher that my son said someone was doing that to him and it immediately stopped. Also a few weeks ago he said his other teacher hurt his wrist because he was misbehaving and she squeezed it hard. I honestly don’t know what else might be going on or if it’s just my son being fussy in the mornings. I’ve thought about just withdrawing him from school since it’s not mandatory to be in pre-k. Thoughts? I just hate seeing how bad he gets every single day he’s always depressed talking about how he doesn’t want to go back
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My niece did this at a day care years ago. She would scream and cry and it was heartbreaking. At first, we thought it was separation anxiety, but she was always such a bright, happy little girl and this was the first time she ever acted like this.

One day, after my sister dropped her off, she called me and we talked about it, and said whatever it was, it wasn't worth it. We went and picked her up, unannounced. She was sleeping, and one of the workers went over to wake her, and smacked the mat she was sleeping on so hard I thought her hand would break. She screamed her name and said, "GET UP!"

My thought was, "If that's what they're doing when people are here, what are they doing when they aren't?"

She saw us, and came running up to us, just crying.

I say go with your gut. I think if teachers have already been using profanities and calling him names, you have enough reason to pull him out. Now his wrists hurt. I'd pull him out and report them. He's little. School should be fun, not scary, and he's telling you things are bad. Listen.
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