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4 years olddaughter low expression level

We have  four year daughter (would be four by April 11). From birth,she has cleft lip and palate which were operated. As she is growing up, we find lot of changes in her behavior. She is bright kid, but her span of focus is very less, she throws every object she finds, does not play with her toys
2. It is very difficult to feed, she does not chew or swallow until very hungry. we only feed her grinded rice mixed with daal. she does not have anything else expect milk
3.Her expression levels is very low. she does nt cry when her diaper is wet nor tells us, when thirsty, when we give her water, she spits out.
4. We live in India, most of the time whenever she goes out or goes to other houses, she looks at fan and light and gets excited, does not say "hi" to anyone.

we are lot concerned with her behavior. The last time we did MRI scanning which was about one and half year back, she wad diagnosed with non progressive  atropy
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It is certain that your daughter is displaying some developmental delays, likely pretty global in nature. She will require special educational and other resources.
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