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5 1/2 year old daughter Bipolar?

Hi, I'm a mother of a 5 year old, 6 in November. We have had a hard 3 years
with her! What a roller coaster!!  We started with counselors and phsyc. at 3.
She has always been abnormally hyper, if we say no she has rages!  
She fights and hits kids at our park daily.  She has scratched other kids that
she doesn't even know.  When we tell her time-out she will scream, yell and
throw things for an hour, sometimes longer.  She has thrown things at me from
the top of the stairs. She has never "Played" with toys, she messes up anything
in her path, she paces around our house.  My mom babysat her and couldn't handle it anymore after a week.  So I had to quit my job and stay home again. She brought my mom down physically and mentally. She is doing the same to me. They always said she is too young for a diagnosis.  Finally at 5 we found a doctor that cares and said she thinks she most likely has Bi-polar disorder, and maybe ADHD. They put her on respidol, what a miracle, at first, also they put her on strattara.  But now 5 months
later it all has gotten just as bad again.  She is perfect at school.  She has been there for 2 months and she has  a male teacher, I wonder if  she is scared to do anything wrong! She has periods of staying up all night.  She gets really crazy acting, laughing about everything, hurting her sister, discipline and everything is just funny to her. Her doctor said she can't be up-ed anymore on rispodol for her age but it's not working anymore. She is a very sweet girl otherwise. She has been hospitalized in physc. hospital.  Please help us , we don't know if she is being naughty or if she truly has bi-polar. Thanks Desperate Mom!!!!!!!!!!
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There is no way to be certain about a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. As you may know, the appropriateness of a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder is a matter of some controversy. What is critical is to identify the most important symptoms that require intervention and to develop a plan (medication, therapy, parent guidance, etc.) to address those symptoms. Medication options are limited due to your daughter's young age. It is safe to assume that your daughter's behavior is not accounted for by being simply 'naughty' - she clearly displays a serious level of emotional disturbance. If the dose of Risperdal is as high as the prescribing doctor will go, ask about options. Try not to focus so much on whether or not she displays Bipolar Disorder, but on whether the target symptoms are improved with the intervention plan.
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I don't have any advise to provide you, but my heart goes out to you and I hope you find the answer to your question.  It is so hard being a Mom, just wanted to let you know that there are parents out there that care about other parents and being a parent is the hardest job in the world.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Thank you so much! That touches me that we have some much needed support!
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Have you ever tried physical discipline?  If not, maybe you should....I don't mean whip her or anything, but a smack on the butt's not going to kill her.

The fact that she acts perfect in school makes it seem like she acts bad only when she feels she can get away with it.  Also, is her father around?  Because her behavior's good around a male teacher......maybe what's wrong with her is that she doesn't have a dad?
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My son has temper tantrums, but not for hours.  He is only 5 and last night he told me that he wished he was hit by a car.  He is giving his teacher a very hard time in Kindergarten and the teacher and I both think he has ADHD.  We did a test throught the counselor that determined he has the traits of ADHD.  I think he may be bipolar but I can't afford to take him to a child pyschiatrist until Jan because I will have insurance.  I would like to know more about bipolar behaviors in 5 year olds.  He tears up his school papers sometimes and he did not want to participate in a project where he showed the class pictures of his family.  Any good advice will be appreciated.
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Hi, I bought one of the best books for children with bipolar! It's called "Child Bi-polar" I read it and I am completely convinced that my 5 year old has it.

The main symptoms are: She is happy, having fun, than all of a sudden she blows up for no reason.  She gets so angry.  She is very very loud.  She gets in these moods of laughing about everything, she does not care about being in trouble when in these moods.  Than that night or the next she is up for long periods of time, sometimes all night. This can continue for 1-3 days at a time.  Some days she is a perfect angel, others (in a matter of minuets) she is very disruptive to the whole family. I have support from my whole family,  we have a therapist and physiologist  also.  It has been a very long road and I don't see an end any time soon. Since my daughter has done so good in school (kindergarten) the doctors have pretty much dismissed all of it. Very frustrating. I know she will always do good in school because that's just her. It's hard to diagnose kids this age because these symptoms are still pretty normal for the age. That does not help any though in our current situation.  I decided to take her off of all meds since they think it's not mental.  She has been hurting her baby sister again. It is so so so so so hard!!! I hope some of this info helps, write back!!
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Well, my child had her first happening at school. She was on the bus and ripped glasses off a boys face, and broke them. This boy is something else though. He has done so many mean things to her. We had a big talk with her and told her no matter what someone else is doing we need to control our anger!  So now we have to pay to replace his glasses. The principal called us and said tomorrow at school she will call Kaylee into the office and talk to her, and she will talk to her teacher about it. She has been written up and she has to sit in the front of the bus now. Isn't this a little extreme? I can't believe this all for one incident like she is labeled as a bad child now. HELP?
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