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5 Year old hearing disturbing voices

I have a 5 year old son. He is very hyper and fun loving. He was diagnosed with OCD when he was 3. He will ask the same question numerous times, especially about video games. My concern is now though that about 8 months ago he started mentioning to me that he hears a mans voice. He calls the mans voice a stranger voice. The voice has been telling him to do bad things like use daddy's swords and stab mommy and daddy, and all his siblings and then to kill himself. Whenever he gets upset he threatens to either kill himself, crack his head open, or go in his room forever. His behaviors have changed dramatically as well. There are some changes in his life like I now work full time, I work far away so the commute is long, and he is in day care for the first time in his life. He really hates daycare. Also he's known he was adopted since he could talk. He has been asking a lot of questions about his biological parents. So my question is should I be really concerned about him hearing voices or is this all coming from the changes in his life? Should he be in therapy?
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i think u should get him in therapy soon. it could be from the changes in his life but a dr would know alot better then me. a 5 year old shouldnt be talking about stabbing or killing himself or being in his room forever, thats scarey.
best wishes and god bless
let me know how he is doing, i will keep him in my prayes!
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I agree with you this is not normal. My friend mentioned to me that maybe I should have him checked for a tumor or something. I just don't know if I should call a normal doctor, or a therapist, or where I should start.
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that would frighten me and I would get him into a therapist.
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A board-certified child psychiatrist would be best qualified to handle this type of situation. The only thing your normal doctor could do is refer you to someone else, and he might not have the best qualifications
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Have your son checked for bipolor I have a grandather  who is five and hears a womens voice she said it is her granny telling her to do things
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