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5 year old behaviors

My 5 year old son has always had quite a temperament. He is very bright, loves to be challenged and is the oldest of 3 children. Our concerns began at age 2. He is very active and has trouble controlling his body at times. There are times that my husband and I are at our wits end because of his defiance and disrespect. This year we have noticed 2 strange motor patterns as well. One, he was constantly blinking for 2-3 weeks. It almost looked like a "tic". Now, he is licking or biting body parts, it began with his feet and now its his arm/hand/shirt collar. We try to ignore these behaviors. Other behaviors include aggression, opposition, just hyperactivity. Despite many time outs over the years and different reiforcements, he just is so difficult. My husband is a special ed teacher and I am an O.T. so we should be able to manage him. Unless we raise our voice, it just won't sink in, and even that doesn't necessarily mean he will comply. Our pediatrician won't even consider ADHD for at least 2 years (with ongoing difficulty in school). What does this sound like? Any advice??
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have you considered sensory integration disorders? i ask because while his symptoms may not exactly match , a little boy in my class last year who exhibited very similar behaviors was diagnosed with a sensory integration disorder. my understanding is that there is a very wide spectrum, as with autism, and it may manifest itself differently in different children. it can be present in children with other problems like autism, but it can also be present by itself. anyways, the child in my class started therapy (OT and PT) and there was a noticable difference in his behavior. He ended up attend a special ed preschool in his town, and coming to our daycare in the afternoons. On these days, he functioned normally in the class with minimal difficulties. the days he did not go to his special ed class and came straight to us, he was much more difficult to manage. it is clear that he was in need of the special services they provided.

was he in school this past year? (i realize many schools around the country are out already). are you planning on sending him to kindergarten in the fall? the school district should be able to help you get him evaulated.
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Actually, many of the behaviours you have described are those of anxiety.  Have you considered any of these disorders?  Just a suggestion ...
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I completely agree with tiredbuthappy.  Good luck!
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Thank you all for the feedback. Regarding sensory integration, b/c I am an O.T., I have tried a variety of things with him and I don't think it effects his behavior. It does present itself very similiar, however. Maybe an outside OT eval would help. Anxiety does run in our family. There are better days and not so good days. The bad days tend to go in a "stretch" if you know what I mean. In his preschool, he did not stand out as a behavior problem, but he is drawn to troublemakers and get his energy from that source. It waxes  and wanes...
Thanks all.
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Hi sarahot,
I’m searching the web for help. My son almost 5 is also behaving  like your son since he was two. Have you come up with an answer. I can't help but feel like I'm doing something wrong I just don't know how to help him get his action/feeling under control.
Thank you in advance for your input.
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I have 4 boys and my oldest is now 9 and displayed all of the problems you are concerned with.  We asked for medical and psychological help and I majored in child psychology so I know it feels like you should know how to handle the situation.  He is still hard to manage some times, but he is a brilliant child.  Top of his class and always ready for something new. It is at home most of his behaviors manifest and I have to thank the Lord he is finally at a stage when he listens and you can reason with him.  He still has a hard time controlling himself when he is over excited, but we take him out of the situation and make him have alone time.  Which until now has always been torture for him.  Now he is actually starting to enjoy it.  It has been a long road and we are still fighting some days, but just give him a lot of love and attention and try to take him out of stressful or excitable situations if possible.  I know it is hard to constantly be there with other children.  It will get better.
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