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5 year old boy

my son is 5 years old.  He acts very immature at times.  He takes toys from his brother and says i was playing with that.  Sometimes then will share like a trooper.  When he is around other children, he hits if they put something where he doesn't want it. not all the time but enough to make me sad.  My husband and i don't spank.  We use time out or take away his most tresured toys if need be.  He pees in his pants still.  He jumps around acting silly when he encounters other children just not acting like a typical kid.  He loves a particular toy and acts it out a lot, when he's at home and then at school.
He is very smart, but doesn't seem to express himself as clearly as his brother who is three.  He will say, i want crayons for i can draw.  things like that. He seems to forget things quickly.  He forgets the numbers taught to him.  

I feel like a broken record and constantly telling him no all the time.  He just seems not to get it, i can't tell you exactly, but just seems to be selective.  If i ask him something when he knows i am angry he will make sense.  Seems sometimes to have attention disorders.  but then other times great.  He does puzzles, draws amazingly.  Can hit a ball with a bat awesome.  runs like a pro.  But sometimes just tends to see the cause and effect like a 3 year old.  

please help him focus and act like a normal little boy.
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This little boy is seeking your approval and more attention,he takes toys from his brother,are they his toys,so he is going to learn to share,perhaps you are allowing the younger child to take his toys and you could focus on him saying it is okay for his brother to share the toys.Possibly too many words and chastisement are used ,back off and let them play, you can ask him if he will share his toys with his little brother not just let the younger one take them.If you are after him all the time he is tuning out so more attention for him, do you or his Dad give him by himself time some games or guy things does his Dad get involved in activitys with him alone.
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