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5 year old daughter sneaks out of the house

I have been going through a similar situation with my 5 year old daughter, except she has been sneaking out of the house while her father and i are sleeping. I had the police bring her home this morning at 7am. we have put maximum security locks on the front door and a padlock on the gate in the back yard, she unlocked the front door. she also has been acting out at school, not listening or following directions and completely ignoring the teacher. she has been acting out more at home as well. she has been just disrespectful, not following the rules, being defiant, and not caring about any consequence. its almost as if she doesn't care. we have told her the dangers of strangers and the dangers of leaving the house without mommy or daddy and she knows what she is supposed to do and what she is not supposed to do but she does it anyways. i am just at a loss, i don't know what to do anymore. i do not want to medicate her but as a mother what am i supposed to do?

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Has there been any new happening could have upset her and made her act out?How did she manage to unlock the door with security locks on,it sounds as if there are other issues going on as she is displaying these behavioral problems, it is a good idea to focus on the positive side of a childs behavior and give her plenty of attention, does she play Games and do sports, does Dad get involved in out side activities.I expect Teacher at shool can give her the appropiate talking to when she id disrespectful.Set some limits and rules for her at home and use the time out method for her if she needs it.
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you brought up medicating kinda out of the blue and then never referred to it again?

what she is doing is dangerous honey
if she is evaluated by a psychiatrist and she has paranoia or some sort of mental issue- I am sure you will want to treat it as you would any physical disease.
You would not for an instant think twice about medicating her for diabetes- or a broken leg? Mental issues cannot be seen with the eyes so it is harder for us to accept:

this is the way mental issues are decided usually if they should be a big concern-

is she harming others or herself?
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