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5 year old in kindergaten does not respect authority

I have a 5 year old in kindergarten that does not respect authority.   Academically she does well.  She does not obey and listen to her teacher.  We have tried all forms of punishment and nothing seems to phase her.  She is content with whatever punishment we give her.  We have tried not letting her watch TV for a week, writing sentences, spanking, talking to her, offering rewards and everything.  She will be in first grade next year and if this behavior does not stop we don't know what to do.  Please help.
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Does she respect your authority? I.e. does she follow your instructions, set routines?
It is very difficult to manage school behavior from home because it occurs, well, at school. What happens at school when she "does not listen"? Is she able to get out of doing things? When does not she listen - when it comes to a particular activity (small group vs. large group vs. solitary.....). Just ask teacher to jot down times of the day and activities when she  "does not obey". You are most likely to see a pattern.

Good luck

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Does she seem like she could have ADHD at all?

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