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5 year old kindergartener misbehaving

My son is 5 1/2years old. He just started kindergarten this august.forthe first month of school he came home with stickers on his behavior chart everyday, (they have a stop light behavior system green is good, yellow isa wrning and red is bad). When theyre on Green all day they get a sticker in thier folder and a stamp. Just these past 3 weeks my son has been coming home with no sticker on his chart in his folder with comments about why he didnt get a sticker. Some examples of reasons are not following directions, not listening, talking back. I have talked to my son several times about his behavior in school and that the way he is behaving is unacceptable. When he tells me that he got on yellow or red he starts to cry because he knows he got in trouble. This is breaking my heart that no matter how many times I talk to him about how to behave in school he still acts the same in school and doesnt get any stickers. He doesnt act like this at home. His teacher is a student teacher because his real teacher is on maternity leave till November. I dont know what to do. Talks dont help and I cant bear to see him upset everyday, HELP!            
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What a cute boy you have!!!  I also have a boy who just started kindergarten,

Kindergarten is a huge transition for kids and it can take some time for them to feel comfortable there and follow the routine.  He may very well be overwhelmed with the experience if he has never attended preschool.  

I would perhaps talk to the school couselor about this and perhaps she can come up with some strategies that may help.  He is certainly not the first child to have struggles in the begining.  It's not easy as a parent and everyone hates feeling like their child is standing out in a negative way.  The other thing most kindergartens in the US do is also screening to see where he is at developmentally.  So that will most likely happen this fall and you can rule out any issues such as delays.  One of my sons has a delay and let me just say that you would probably have noticed something before now.  So he is probably out of his element and anxious about.

Sometimes sitting by the teacher helps, sometimes some extra attention from the teacher can help.  And it is certainly best to have an experienced teacher.  That is why I think talking to the guidance couselor to get some extra input would be helpful.  I would keep home a safe place for him.  If you feel you must, give him a brief time out if he gets in trouble in school----  but you and home are his haven and he needs that.  Good luck!!!  I'm sure it will get better.
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My son just started 1st grade with the same behavior chart. I let him know that school goes into baseball season and he had to have green days or he couldn't play baseballl.. this is something he truely enjoys.
I also have warned him if he ever came home with a red he loses his video games and tv for a week .  we never had a problem since then.

On the other hand, My friends son would always come home with red, she asked me to speak to him. I let him know that the only way he could get on my Baseball team was to get green that helped he went from red to green and stayed there for most of the year, he did have yellow but his teacher reminded him he wouldn't be able to play ball and reminded him and he settled down to get only a yellow instead of a red..

maybe you can have someone he looks up to talk to him.
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Thanks for both of your opinions!! Im a single mom myself and he is my first child so this is kinda tough for me. He listens well when we are at home and as every 5 year old does on occasion throws a little fit and in about 10min he comes up to me and says he is sorry. I just dont understand why this is all of the sudden happening. I already had him tested for delays when he was 2 - 2 1/2 because he didnt talk until he was 3 years old (and believe me he hasnt stopped) he still does attend speech at school 2 days a week and he behaves fine while he is in that classroom as well as his other electives (art, media, computers, PE). I never get any complaints from the elective teachers, just this student teacher who is subing for his permanent teacher. I have tried taking things away and telling him that he wont be able to do certain things he enjoys but he still acts up. When I go to talk to him about what happened at school he just gets upset and cries saying hes sorry. Like I said before I hate to see him like this and I dont want him not to like school because hes getting in trouble.
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