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5 year old not adapting to kindergarten

My son is in trouble everyday at school for not listening.His teacher has stated his academic skills are exceptional but his behavior is unacceptable for a kindergartener(crawling on the floor,getting out of his seat,clapping,disrupting other students.
In collaboration with the teacher we are trying an index card in which for everyday he behaves a star is earned or an X is given for misbehaving.He received a star the first day and hasn't seen one since.I have tried both positive and negitive reinforcement with no prevail.On a daily basis my son is in the principals office and it seems to me this is becoming the teachers easy way out. My concern is my son improving, but i can't help to feel that the teachers approach may be ineffective.Could he need to be more challenged or is he not ready for kindergarten?
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Dear Anthony,

The index card system is basically a good idea in order to promote collaboration between home and school and to support proper classroom behavior. But there should be more than a single rating. Instead, the day should be divided into time blocks, with the potential to earn a sticker (and corresponding reward) during each time period.

Time out within the classroom (instead of trips to the office) might be a more effective strategy within the school.

It's possible that your son doesn't yet possess the impulse control to function successfully within the classroom, but I wouldn't conclude this yet.

His behavior is typical of children who display the hyperactive and impulsive sub-type of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It might be wise to consider this possibility before concluding that he's not yet prepared to function in kindergarted.
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My son experienced similiar problems with his first year of Kindergarten.  Inmaturity was the problem for him.  We sent him when he was 5 (turned five in July).  He was very ready academically but not ready as far as maturity.  He was antsy in class, distracted, upset.  We sent him again this year and it is like a whole new kid.  He has matured so much and behaves much better in the classroom.  This may not be the case with your child but I thought I would throw in my experience anyway.

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Homeschooling would be an answer if you can.  Public school stifles creativity in small children, especially active ones that need to be moving outside.  There are many homeschoolers now.  The Moore's book "Better late than Early" is excellent.
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