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5 year old refuses to change his clothes

my son is already in the process of starting asd assessments and there are a number of issues including some sensory. but im not sure if this issue is due to sensory or not. the main problem is getting him to change his clothes. he will refuse and display a number of difficult behaviours such as, running away, hiding, hitting, biting, kicking and screaming. if left to his own devices he will eventually stop but stay in whatever he is currently wearing, he will wear the same clothes both day and night for days on end if allowed and it usually ends up with me having to physically change his clothes. he does not complain of any problems while wearing his clothes and once he is changed there are no complaints or issues it is just the actual transition from one set to another. i have tried everything and none of the doctors he has seen can explain why this is the only time we have a problem with clothes. this is becoming a major issue especially with him being in school and is causing regular meltdowns. please does anyone have and advice or tips i can try as im out of ideas.
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Hello!  how did the autism evaluation go?  My son has sensory integration disorder and tactile issues are definitely prevalent with that diagnosis.  On the other hand, my sons, two of them, one neurotypical and one neurodiverse, have resisted things at different periods of time like getting out of pajamas on some days, wearing same clothes for a few days in a row and not wanting to shower.  I think it is a universal boy thing to go through a period of mom thinking they need to do these things (throw brushing teeth and hair in there too) but they just don't wanna. The one thing that I do with my ND kiddo is to make sure I have extra of what he loves clothing wise.  He loves a certain kind of pants---  I get a few pairs.  Offer those when it is time to change clothes.  Also, figure out motivation or what motivates them.  (for my second son who is neurotypical, it was when he noticed girls.  lol, he got real serious about hygiene and clothing at that time).  
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It sound part of the whole to me.  It's hard to know how to discipline a child who is acting out of some problem with brain function.  Does he respect you on other things you try to teach him?  
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again some areas are a fight and others are fine. he will quite happily bathe now despite water related sensory issues as he understands he has to be clean as well as a compromise on temperature and the use of bath bombs. but no matter what i try other areas such as the getting changed issue are still major problems

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