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5 year old son hearing voices

About 2 years ago my son who is now 5 started saying voices in his head are telling him to do things, which are not always bad, but a lot of the time the voices tell him to do things that get him in trouble. Around the time it started we were sent to  Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis IN because he was having seizures every time he got a fever. His EEG was normal according to the Dr.s at the time. More recently he keeps saying the "voices" are ladybugs in his head telling him to do things that get him in trouble, all of which range from severe things that could place him in harms way, like going outside without an adult, walking down the street to places of business, to opening food and throwing it all over the floor and mashing it into the carpet, I have had some serious talks with him and it works for a few days then  its back to doing things that a 5 year old shouldn't even know how to do and its concerning me. The other day after getting in trouble he kept saying the ladybugs were telling him to do these things that he keeps getting in trouble for. He also tries to "Shake" these voices/lady bugs out of his head, sometimes he says it works and for the most part those days he is good and a normal 5 year old lil boy, but there are also days he says he cant get them out, and his behavior isnt normal the remainder of the day. I'm not sure what to do. HELP PLEASE!
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Here's a well written article that will give you a start on researching.  It sounds like many normal healthy children hear voices, and often grow out of it.  

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Before you dismiss your concern, just think about how maybe getting him in therapy might help. An unbiased opinion of his actions and intentions are best, especially if you are dealing with this behavior for a long time now. It will usually only get worse, by that I mean he might stop telling you about it once he's old enough tobrealize it's not a social norm
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Definitely get him talking to a child psychologist. Hearing voices/having ladybugs in ones head that lead to odd behavior is surely not akin to having imaginary friends or other such childhood things. Don't wait any longer. Your son needs help beyond his/your control. Be well & well blessed
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