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5 year old with behavioral issues

My 5 year old is in real trouble in school since he started the preschool at age 3 he seems to have trouble. at preschool the problem was biting and keep in one place but was ok he was just starting so we kind of expected that it wouldn't be easy for him, then he moved to junior infants and the biting stopped and started another misbehaviour as messing with other children and difficulties staying in one place sometimes would soil his pants but never go so bad he was assessed by psychologist and they put us on a list for autism we went and did it privately nothing came out of it the thank god not autistic but has speech difficulties he was granted resource hours and , now he is in the middle of senior infants every second day we get call about his miss behaviour and he has trouble completing tasks , staying in his work place, they say if he wants he can do it but seems that he just have does days very often when he just don’t want to things . Now he had already a half day suspension and they will start detention on his next miss behave.  At home he is ok he can sit down watch or play but is all the time moving around and he bite his toys or anything he has around, and he often does things that for me there is no explanation he soil his pants and don’t tell anyone or he block the sink with the poo he just made, or even after been told don’t do something he still does it is like he can’t control himself he know he will be punished but still he does it. I just don’t know what I am supposed to do is just so hard his brother is a year younger and doesn’t do such things. Help please
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Have you looked into sensory integration disorder?  You mention several things consistent with that.  My son has sensory and I am happy to offer information about that.  good luck
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Hi and welcome and sorry what your going through. You son needs a professional evaluation by a child psycholigist. If you already took him to one and they say that this is normal, you might want to try a second opinion. All children relate to other children differently but the biting to me seems a bit out of the ordinary also his inability to stay focused. Also have him see a regular child doctor about his pooping in his pants.
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Agree with the above.  Definitely has symptoms of ADHD, so I would start with that.
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I'm curious as to why they said that he does not have autism. Speech delays, along with the other symptoms, are a pretty good indication of autism. The good thing is if you get a diagnosis (ADHD and/or autism) he would start getting intervention at school. Instead of just punishments they would find ways to work with him. It does sound like he has a developmental problem and if that is the case punishing alone won't help since he cannot just choose to stop his behavior. A developmental pediatrician's advice seems necessary. .
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hi all thanks for your point of view and the tips , yes i don't think is normal after he did the autism assessment and it came back negative they said it maybe ADHD but they cant evaluate him as he is too young, I got in contact with 2 psychologists for next week in order to get a evaluation and as well have a big meeting in the school, i am afraid that all the punishment he is getting at school and at home is just making it all worst and i wanna find a way for him to go true it and learn his full, he is not a bad kid he is very loving but for me seems that he just can't control what he does .
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      If you want to read up on ADHD, this is a pretty good site -http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK1
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