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5 yr old with tight clothes

My 5 year old nephew insists on wearing his waistband and shoes extremely tight...so tight they leave marks.  It has to be uncomfortable, he often says his stomach hurts.  There are great battles to get his pants and shoes just right.  When he gets home, he wants to take off his clothes and only wear his underpants.  He can't stand to sleep in any clothes, only underpants.
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Is he over weight? it sounds as if there could be some issue causing this , he says his stomach hurts it may not be from tight pants ,maybe a check up at the Doctors would be good.I think perhaps his mom should buy his right size why has he got tight pants , if he has grown out of them maybge his Mom needs to buy some that fit, he wont go to school in his underwear .
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This sounds like mild sensory issues.  

My middle son - who has now outgrown it - used to insist on wearing "square pants" - those waffle weave long underwear in a size too small,  and a pair of nylon bicycle shorts over that,  and then jeans.  And a turtleneck shirt,  too small,  and over that button down denim shirt,  tucked in,  with a belt.  Cowboy boots,  one size too small,  when he was 4.

Being wrapped up tightly in clothes made him feel better - you could just see it in his face.  

I wonder if your nephew would wear those cool underarmour workout underwear - it would give him the "tight" feeling without being actually uncomfortable.

This too shall pass.  
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