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5 yr old's school behavior issues or something more complicated

My son is a healthy, active and very intellegent five yr old BUT ever since last year we have had several issues ( some pretty petty) within the classroom. Mostly he is very implusive (wants to be in everything and the center of attention) to inappropriate social skills - although not hurting kids he pushes, hits and jumps on them. He has also been caught telling lies and being very nasty and defiant to the Asst Teacher. He has been through several changes between ages 2-4 (3 sitters, 2 new schools, new brother, new home and death of a grandfather). Last yr in school was terrible because his teacher labeled him> At home is he good just the usually stuff of not listening for time to bed, cleaning up etc. I dont know if its a beahvior issue or him trying to adjust. We are having him psycho-educational testing soon. He is showing gifted potential. Thanks
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This does not sound like an issue of adjustment, but rather a matter of impulsivity that is beyond the norm for his age. Now, most five-year-olds have some degree of impulsivity - it comes with the territory, so to speak. But your son's impulsivity is getting in the way of expectations at school, and this is not within the norm for his age. The preferred method of intervention is a systematic behavior management plan, whereby he is rewarded at school for complying with classroom rules and disciplined via time out for infractions. Such a plan helps children to build their self-control skills. At home, a reward system that encompasses 24 hours at a time, vs. cumulative, is the preferred method for his age.
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To clarify some things. His principal feels it maybe a sensory issue as my son tends to get the most excited during the most active times of the day. We are taking him to a psychologist who isnt giving the sensory explanation much  thought. We have had 3 sessions with this therapist and he has an observation from school but still will not give us any answers??? Last week my son was good in school and yesterday as well. He has only been sent to the principal once in 2.5 weeks and has had no real episodes which is an improvement. The first 3 weeks of school were awful. At home we are rewarding good behavior. He has a chart and a jar which get filled when good deeds/behavior happen. My husband & I stick to our punishment. For example he misbehaved at the park and was taken home asap. He didnt like it and screamed for 30 minutes but then he accepted it. It seems like we go through cycles of good and then bad and then it all go away again. I am so confused.
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