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6 Month old refuses to take bottle

Posted by Kim on June 12, 1999 at 20:31:05
I'm not sur if I am even in the right forum or not but my Niece has a 6 month old daughter that has a host of medical problems ranging from Reflux to a milk allergy. She has been a breastfed baby since she was born. The problem is her mom has tried everything known to man to get her to take a bottle,but there is no luck.I think she is just being stubborn,or is there a medical reason why she won't take a bottle. My niece is even using breast milk in the bottle. We have tried every type of nipple out there but all to no avail.  Has anyone else out there had this problem. Thank You in advance for any helpful information.

Posted by HVM M.D. - EV on June 16, 1999 at 22:49:49
Dear Kim -
  Thank you for your inquiry.  In answer to your concerns about your niece's daughter - I'd like to assure you that what you have described in terms of a six month old breastfed infant refusing a bottle is NOT unusual.  Most probably the baby has developed a strong preference for breastfeeding and will demonstrate a very normal "protest" when offered a bottle nipple.  A few things I have suggested to my patients: have someone other than mother offer the bottle; feed the baby when she is hungry but not frantic; put some breastmilk on the nipple to initiate the  feeding; put breastmilk in the bottle (the latter, you have already done).  Some parents have even started their babies on the breast and then switched over to the bottle midfeeding.  
     The likelihood of any medical problem related to the bottle feeding issue is extremely low.  Fact is - breast feeding can be more difficult than the bottle.  The solution should come with time.  In the end, gentle persistence usually wins out. Keep trying and good luck.  Dr. EV

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