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6 Year Old Boy Behavior Issues- Tantrums, Sexual Acts, ADHD etc

I really need some advice. I recently took my six year old son to the doctor because I am concerned about ADHD (its on hi fathers side) and ODD to go along with it. He was all the ADHD symptoms, and has violent,angry outbursts that match all ODD symptoms. After meeting with doctor and telling him all the things my son is doing he said yes definitely lets have him tested. Im still waiting on an appointment with a child psychologist so nothing has happened on that end yet.

The problem is my son seems to be on a huge downward spiral day after day. It started with him hitting children, to clothes chewing, to acting out in class by jumping around, running, yelling inside, throwing objects, picking things up off the floor with his mouth, playing around in the bathroom and generally acting like an unruly heathen,

Today he was involved in an incident with another six year old boy on the bus. This child lives four houses down, rides the same bus, and is in the same classroom as my son. They apparently were kissing each other. He told the bus driver this. He also said the bus driver told him to keep his pants up. So I asked why were your pants down, and he very obviously lied and said they just fell down. Finally i got the truth out of him. He then told me  that the other boy was also "kissing his nuts".

WHAT? I couldnt believe what I had just heard.

He kissed the little boy on the lips (he said nothing more), but then told me it was his idea to have the little boy do the other thing to him.

I understand children are curious. I also understand that when parents show affection towards each other and their children as my fiance and I do, that young children take that as the way to show everyone they like that they like them. I would explain away the kiss as that. Its the other part that has me VERY concerned.

He has never seen that kind of behavior at my house. He doesnt watch stuff like that on television, nor has he seen it ever in my home. My mother is of no help. Shes in her 50's and a devout Baptist. She thinks he should be punished for his behavior. Im not sure what punishment is warranted for something like that in the first place. What do I do? Lock him in a room till hes grown?? Ive already spoken to him about how its not approptiate to kiss boys OR girls like that when youre his age, and how its NEVER appropriate for ANYONE to ever come near his private parts like that. I said thats stuff for adults to worryabout and not children.

Can you PLEASE help me understand what's going on? Im so ashamed (I dont know why!!), embarrassed, confused, concerned, worried, that its making me sick.

He has mentioned something about someone in his classroom watching him use the bathroom while at school, like peeking in on him. I just wonder if this behavior has happened elsewhere, and how often.

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Why would I be in court for something another child did to MY child?

Thats how you would handle something like this? Blame the parent??

Do you also blame the parents when children grow up to be adults that murder, rape, are gay, or masturbate to porn??

Im sorry, but this is the most ridiculous bit of "advice" I've ever seen in my life.

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I agree with is you should probably look for some additional help for your child while waiting for other testing by his dr.  Children are typically curious, however a 6 year old kissing another child's "balls" seems alarming.  Does your child have older kids he is with at times, older siblings, cousins, where he may have overheard something about what he did?  For the most part, I do not think kids come up with things like that on their own - he is only 6.  I would recommend counseling for starters - and also inform your childs doctor of what recently occured on the bus.  Maybe they will be able to move up his testing appts.
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Did you not read what I said??

I said this OTHER child did this to MY child!

The question would be where did the other kid learn this from.

I just know that this kid has hung aound with my son before. They live close, are in the same class, and ride the bus together.

Id appreciate it if youd actually read what the Im saying and give some useful advice if youre going to give any at all.

I agree it is alarming, but what alarms me is this kid did this to my child, and Im hoping that this hasnt happened before. My son is sweet, caring, and eager to please everyone from parents to friends.

I dont think counseling is in order for a one time occurence from what HE did. If the other thing has happened TO him more than once, then yes I agree he may need to talk to someone as he was probably pressured into letting the kid do it.

I dont think that's the case really though.
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I realized just now that when typing I worded what happened the wrong way.

It sounds as if it was my sons idea to do this, that is incorrect, I should have re-read what I typed, but I was in a hurry and didnt have it all together.

Let me restate: I am concerned about why he would allow this to be done. Since its not something he sees, or is told about etc etc (read original post). I am VERY concerned because this is a little more than the run of the mill curiosity. As I said I would explain away the on the lips (and that is all) kisses as curiosity AND thas the way hes shown love & like in his home by affection. We hug and kiss everyone in my house. Never inappropriately and my fiance and I keep the kissing around the kids to pecks on the lips, like they are given. As for the rest Im at a loss.

The other child doesnt have older siblings, but I dont know who hes in contact with since he does play with older children on the street and some of the people are trashy in my opinion. This may be something the other kid picked up.

I hope this makes what Im asking a little more clear, and sheds more light on the situation.
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Sometimes what happens to children to behave a certain way isn't always known to the adults around. Has he recently stayed at a friends home? Relative? These type of behaviors do not just happen. They typically escalate unless the child had some sort of truama. Waiting for a child psy is very long.. One way to get it done quicker is to call your local emergency room or just take your son there. They can do an emergency mental health hold. This usually lasts about 3 days. The catch is you need some sort of evidence of harm to self or others. Are his tantrums out of control? Does he bang his head? Does he threaten to harm?
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my son is adhd, odd, and mood disorder he is 8 years old. ok, i dont know why know one have typed these but i have been told by dr's that childern with adhd are more sexual then other kids without these mental problems. and no i am not saying these is why it happened!!!!!!!!!
have you talked to the boys parents? have you informed the school or the bus driver to have the 2 boys away from each other. has ur son been over the boys house lately? he may have seen something over there!
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