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6 Year Old requesting Oral

Hi, I have an 11 year old Step daughter that lives with me full time, a 6.5 year old son and an 18 mth old son, (to my husband)  
Recently while my son was staying with his dad he went for a sleep over at his cousins place who is 7.5 yrs and he asked her to suck his willy!!!!!! Not only this but apparently also tried to pull her off her bed and kiss her and said have sex with me.  As you could imagine I am devastated, and gob smacked as to how he would even come out with this sort of stuff. The questions that are running through my head are endless!!  I have not yet got him back from his dads to discuss this with him and im not sure actually how to approach this as i am not angry im just wanting information of where this has come from. Is he a victim of something terrible??  I dont know how to approach this could you please help me.
A couple of years ago i walked in on my step daughter and my son in the bath and he was on top of her!!!!  and previous to that my son came out and told me that they had kissed in the bath!!! OBVIOUSLY NO more bathing together after that!!!!  
My step daughter i feel may have been exposed to something while she was growing up and not in our care but we cannot find out weather she has been touched or not but there are red flags there that maybe something has happened, when she was 8  she was caught at school on the computer surfing porn, " people having sex" is what she had typed in.
Naturally as a mum with what I know of our daughter it is maybe natural to wonder if she has incouraged this in anyway, i could be competly out of line thinking this but what else can i think.  
My main issue here is how do i approach this, It makes me feel sick thinking about it. HELP HELP HELP
I cant see how he would have been exposed to this at home with my husband and I as this could not possibly happen we are far to careful.  
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Sometimes blended families have very sexualized households.  I don't know about your husband's history with women,  and his daughter's history with being abused or exposed to girlfriends and sexualized relationships,  but all together it sounds like both kids have seen too much.

I wouldn't have bathed unrelated children together at their age in the first place.

Both children have been exposed to you dating and becoming involved,  and blended families,  which is a different and much less innocent dynamic that children in intact families experience.  

I don't know what to tell you except they need to be watched all the time,  because it sounds like the step siblings are having a sexual relationship.
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