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6 year old daughter has a hard time focusing and paying attention

I have a six year old daughter that is a very happy and care free child.  She doesn't know a stranger and is very happy-go-lucky.  The biggest problem we have with her is that we cannot get her to focus and pay attention.  She is just finishing up her first year of Kindergarten and her mom and I have noticed that her school work is on par with the other children, nothing exceptional but not on the lowest end either.  My problem is she is so ready to move on to the next activity we can't get her to focus on the task at hand.  Her teacher has told us the same thing.  I need to know what we can do at home to reinforce good behavior.  Specifically how we can get her to slow down and focus on the here and now.  I don't believe she has AD or ADHD but I'm sure she shows similar signs.  I would just like some advise on how to redirect her attention.


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I know that must be frustrating but it does sound like it could possibly be ADHD (which is now the term supposedly even if they DON'T have the hyperness to it) - It could be a number of other things as well  -  Is she bored in school - Is the stuff coming to easily for her - Even a thyroid disorder can mimic ADHD symptoms (I was just at a seminar a couple months ago about this) - My suggestion is to talk with her teacher - He/she should have a checklist that you can go thru - After that take her to her pedi and see what they say - Do it before it is too late - I started out that way in school too and I did HORRIBLE all the way through.   Good luck to you.  
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try to visit this site, http://besthealthoptions.com/baby-child-care it has great articles about child behavior, i'd learned a lot from it. gud day!
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I agree with blondie I would make a checklist go over it with her teacher and bring it to your child's Dr. and I would do it BEFORE 1st grade starts the longer it takes to figure out the harder it will be. I think that she may be board because it's too easy for her or she has no interest in the subject. If there's no interest or I guess; either way find a fun way to review homework. When she reads a book make her pretend that she's the character by using what they would sound like. You'll find her laughing! Good luck!
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