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6 year old still peeing his pants

I have a 6yr old son who daily wets his pants. He says he cant feel it when it happens but other times he does get the urge to pee. We have taken him to his dr & 2 specialists as well who did tests and all say nothing is wrong. Said he would out grow it before he started 1st grade but he didnt. He does all his own laundry as a natural consiquence. We thought it could be a mental health issue & had him evaluated only to hear he is a " bright, well rounded young man". We have him pee every 2 hours but he will wet his pants in the mean time. At least 2 times a day. What should I do next? Is their something else to test for?
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I just want to thank all the ladies who have commented on this board with advise or a story of their own. I to have a 5 be 6 in two months daughter whom has these accidents in phases. Like she will have them atleast once a day for a month or two and then just stops- I have been very angry, sad at her and the situation for the last two years. At this point i am just depressed, i feel like i am doing something wrong. She started kindergarten this year but she has been in daycare since she was 2 so i know its not the stress of the school day etc. I am going to try the diaper thing when she is home to see if this helps, mentally anyway. I love my daughter and am just so embarrased with this situation.
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My son is having accidents. He is 5. We have been to the doctor to find out he is normal. He pees his pants. Not poop. Not bed wetting. We have punshished, encouraged, gone back to diapers. Nothing helps. I am angry ans scared for my child. Thank you for your posts. At least I am not alone.
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I have a 6 year old daughter. We've been fighting accidents for a long time now. It took us awhile to potty train her in the first place.. and I take responsibility for that. We were "those" parents. The ones that took it personally and yelled, cried, and even spanked occasionally- the works. It took us 2 years to potty train her. We learned with our second (the curse of the first born). She went accident free until about 6 months ago. Then suddenly I started finding piles of pee-filled underwear hidden in various places around her room. She was hiding them, so I know its not attention she wants. We stayed calm about it.. until recently - and I found myself getting into the old routine of yelling and threatening.. In fact, I did that earlier tonight. Then found this site and while reading, calmed down and realized how bad I probably made her feel about herself.. so i went back to her room, turned on her light (it was right before bed-time), and sat on her bed. I apologized, told her how proud I was of her and that I was just frustrated.. then we talked about when she's having the accidents. She admitted she feels it, but ignores it because she's playing and wants to finish.. the feeling goes away and she forgets she has to go.. Then suddenly it comes back very fast and she doesn't make it to the potty. I asked her what we could do help her remember she MUST go. I told her, I didn't want to embarrass her or make her feel bad about herself, but maybe we should consider putting her in a pull up - just until she got in the habit of going on the potty. SHE came up with this plan: "how about.. I don't wear one now, but if I go again, then every time I go, I wear the pull up as a reminder." And she asked if I could remind her to go every once in awhile, like after school and before and after dinner. I told her I thought it was a great, smart plan and that we would work on this as a team. I also told her that after every 10 days that she went with no accidents, we would go celebrate how grown up she was with a shake or something.  She seemed really proud of herself and went bed with a smile on her face.. I don't know if it will work - but I'm hoping getting her involved with the process will help...
Hi Mom from TX!
I am in this position now and wondering if your plan worked? Our daughter has accidents and doesn't tell anyone and I find out by the smell. I am so  concerned because it happens at school and she tells no one and then comes home smelling like pee. I don't want her labeled and worry it will effect her emotional development. I am hoping you get this email. I know it's been YEARS!
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my son is five and has a problem with wetting his pants and cant seem to stay dry at night either.  ive tried all methods of thwarting this action.  i.e. ...taking privlages, raising my voice, but never spanking.  he tells me he doesnt know why he does it, but i can tell that he doesnt want to be wet.  HELP!!!
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My son is 7 and still pees his pants.  He says he can not feel it coming.  I started putting him in pull ups at night, but now he has to be in pullups all the time.  He is very smart, a thinker, can build the most incredible machines out of lego.  But I am scared for him at school in the fall, because kids are not kind, and he is very sensitive to being bugged.  I appreciate everyone's comments on here, and will definitely take note of the solutions some have had.
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I have the same problem with my 5yr old .I do;nt know what to do anymore. I'ts really weird she knows but i'ts weird because she will just sit down on the floor and wet her pants it doesn't happen all the time I mean she can go without weeks and doing so good but then goes back and weting her pants.I don't understand she has been doing this now for 2yrs now going back in forth
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