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7 year old boy says ghosts are talking to him

he has been under alot of stress his older brother was away for over a year and he just came back he has been bullied at shcool says he hears ghost telling him to kill his mother and brother i think it might be due to stress he actuall getting evaluated at his school as i type this if he does go in the mother is frightened he'll be put somewher far away and she is disabled so im very scared for them..he is a wonderful kid always smiling laughing seemed normal when i visited with his yesterday so idk what to make of it
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It is rather difficult understanding your post.  But the bottom line is that this child should be seen by a mental health professional ASAP. If he hears voices, especially voices telling him to kill, this needs to be checked out ASAP.
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Im sorry i posted it sop quickly okay,my nephew is 7 years old have been through some trauma in his life his father died in front of him. his mother is ill disabled and doesn't have many years left and he knows that he says he hears voices telling him to kill his mother and brother he doesn't have behavioral issues yet he is a nice wonderful little boy -he was evaluated by my community crisis team they said he sounded like he has a touch of psychosis which i thought was extreme but giving what he had said i take that very seriously -he also says hes been hearing them from the time was 5 im glad they didnt put him into a psych hospital im sorry about the unclear post
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they recommended further treatment on an outpatient basis and a Med eval
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Definitely go through with the recommendation from the professionals. It can't hurt and I'm sure they are just trying to help him.
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Sorry but im all toooool familiar with this and its not ghost its demons he's hearing.No such thing as ghost but demons yes.Heaven and hell are real and we battle not against flesh and blood but against spirit.I gave my life to God two years ago and i understand now but when i was a child i didnt understand.I was abused by my aunt at 6yrs old which as result rage and hate grew inside me.I was very violent and to myself.Trusted no one yet wanting desperately to be loved.I would have night sweats dreams that would have me paralized and burning up.Id see my bedroom as if i were awake and id see them in my dreams.Even at a young age there was no doubt in my mind that God was real and i was being tormented by demons.I hated my stepdad.He was nothing like my father whom my mother seperated us from for years and lied to us about his absence.My stepdad was verbally abusive,treated me and mh siblings like crap.Id hear a voice in my head cursing,saying ill kill him,i hate him.When the devel talks to u in your head it sounds like your voice but your not doing the talking.I began to act on these thaughts but not entirely. Id put things in his food to try and poison him,and wanted to stab him to death one day but what stopped me had to be the hand of God on my life as my little sister walkes by.I didnt want her to be without her father like i was.I had also choked my blood sister once for locking me. Out of the house and chased her with a butcher knife once for calling me a name.She locked herself in the laundry room and cried while i stabbed at the door.Id black out and sit in dark corners for hours in my room rocking when i was angry.As if i were in a trance.I only knew because my brother would find me and laugh at me calling me crazy.I was afraid of myself.U can take what u want from this and spit out what u dont.But i know what i know and that is that Christ is the ultimate solution.Dont allow peolpe to drug him up put him on meds,diagnose him as crazy or insane because thats not the case and he will be worst off than he is right now.Thank God for docters and therapist and whatevdr,they do what they can but they dont have all the answers.
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I know a child who is now about to be 16, who has mental problems, he doesnt talk well can't write and he's very slow with things.  And he used to talk about talkin to ghost that they told him to kill his mom and brothers and sisters, his mother woke up one night to him holding a knife over her laughing.  And trying to throw his baby brother off a bunk bed.  He even told his brothers and sisters he would kill them.  And he would get mad a fight with people saying he hated them and wanted them to die.  And he would make up stories about people saying they told him this and that.  Like for exapmle one time he told his mom and father that I told him to kill them, then he said that his daddy told him to kill them and all kind of things that were never true.  He ended up having to be put on medication to calm him down bc he was bigger then his mom was.  I've seen him fight with his mom and make her bleed, and didn't care about it.  They never said what could have caused it but put him on medications for it and they seemed to work.  
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