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7 year old daughters issues becoming major issue

I’m glad I found some place I can ask this question, well, hopefully. Ok, so, I have a very beautiful 7 year Old daughter, who is in first grade. She does fairly well in school , academically no complaints. The problem that we’re having is when she gets upset about anything, and I mean anything, being late to school, or homework, or anything really, she tells her self, and anybody else that she has to use the restroom. She has gotten into a pattern of having to use the restroom right before we have to leave for school so that she intentionally makes herself late for school, and then gets upset that she’s late. She works herself up into such a fury, That there is absolutely no reasoning with her. She will scream and cry like somebody is murdering her. I mean she will use the restroom, and literally five minutes later she will scream bloody murder that she has to use the restroom again. We are at our wits end, we don’t really know what else to do about it. We’ve tried just about everything. For the most part she is a joy to be around it’s just this one thing that has become a monster problem. I believe that it is the only thing she knows to use as a way to regulate her self when she’s upset. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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To be honest, she sounds anxious and tired.  I have a son that when he started first grade, he kind of fell apart in weird ways.  He started having out of the norm tantrums.  Big ones.  And he wet his bed a few times.  I took him to the pediatrician as I was perplexed. The doctor said he was likely stressed and tired.  She had us put him to bed 20 minutes earlier and go easy on him giving compassion and caring rather than being upset about the meltdowns. For him, they went away.  I have another son that has sensory issues and legit anxiety.  Now, for this boy, we had to teach coping skills as they didn't come naturally.  I'd problem solve the triggers. Nervous about school, has to use the restroom. Work the bathroom INTO the morning routine. Don't show her the clock and wake her up 8 minutes earlier to account for the bathroom.  Then problem solve when she is calm about how to handle her feelings. Try to talk to her about things helping her with needed language to talk about it. "does school make you feel like bees inside buzzing?", "do you get a stomach ache before school because you worry" You can use weather convo to convey it.  When you feel a cloud coming, you could do X to become sunny again rather than Y to become a tornado.  Act out alternatives. But my guess is she is highly anxious at school.  
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