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7 year old out of control

Help me please!!! My 7 year old little girl is completely out of control. She is ADHD, but on top of that she is the most defiant child I think I have ever met. I have tried eveything from talking nicely to her to spanking to explaining calmly why it's not okay for her to be disrespectful to me, my fiance', and anyone else for that matter, and that if she would behave that she would get more good attention. I started her in counseling and she has had two sessions, but I am not sure if it will help. She seems to think that she should get whatever she wants and that she doesnt need to do what is asked of her. She is throwing unreasonbly obnoxious temper tantrums, throwing things, breaking things, yelling, screaming spitting at me and on our floors, and last night she was threatening to run away, tried numerous times to walk out the door, I had to pick her up and carry her or drag her to her room with her kicking and fighitng all the way. Then she picked up a ceramic figurine that she had in her room and drew back as to throw it at me then when I asked her to give it to me she just looked at me then said give me back my blanky first. She was completely out of control. I have now taken all her toys out of her room except for some that are high in her closet and she cant reach. Please help. I am to the pooint of either sending her to live with her father, which right now is almost out of the question. We are in the middle of a custody battle, and if I send her to his house he may get full custody, or some sort of child boot camp.  I wont give up on my little girl, does anyone have any ideas?
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Is she on any type of medication?? my son gives me more problems at school.. so they observe the same behavior you are talking about.. I'm so stressed myself.. I just got him started on Ritalin yesterday.  He was so happy when I got home from work that he shared that for the first time he got 6 happy faces... Some children with ADHD.. punishing or taking just doesn't work... I know a lot of people will give you negative attitudes because of the medication, but if it's going to help your child live a better life.. you should consider it if she's  not on anything, but if she is maybe the meds she's on doesn't work.   My son was ok on Ritalin yestarday by the afternoon he was back to his old self, but more calmer.... today in the morning he was more quiet...

I know how you feel... and I think we get more angry at them and start yelling more, but I think it's worse.. I'm working on myself so I can stop stressing...
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Yes, She is taking Concerta for the ADHD. She was having focus and learning issues at school before she started taking it. She is doing wonderfully in school with being on the Concerta. Its at home that we have the problems. She started counseling a couple weeks ago and her counselor said that we should feel comforted that she is acting up at home because children act up more where they feel safe. Since her focus and things at school seem to be okay, then I guess that does help me feel better. I was actually reading some things about a couple other boys here in the forum and one said her son had ODD (opisitoinal defiant disorder). I looked into it on Google and it described my baby girl to a T. It was unbelievable. Just like someont opened an SAT book and set it in front of me with all the answers in it. If you start having issues with your son being defiant more than normal, check into ODD as well. It said that it is not uncommon for ADHD to be present with another disorder as well. Also, if you find the Ritalin starts not working for your son try the Concerta. It is still Ritalin but its a 12 hour release form and it is nice to have them able to focus on things at home too.
It is great to hear that it helped your son so well in school. There is nothing better than having your child tell you they had a good at school and be happy to go and learn.
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Hi I have a daughter that is going to get tested for ADHD she is out of control at school. She is throughing Tempertantrums and all of those things. Rolling around on the floor she wants all the attention all the time she has been suspended from 1st grade twice no for disrupting her class. I do not have a clue what to do. She has been in a weekly counseling for about 5 months now and it's not helping at all. I feel I am out of options as well. Today I started searching for behavioral camps for 7 yearolds and I found this. Are you having any progress or can you give me any advice. Please help Me! So that I can help her.
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What does the counselor say?   How is your daughter dealing with your new fiance?  Is her Dad in the picture?      Maybe she is just really mad about something?  
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Yeah. Where is her Dad?
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