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7 yr. old in his own world

I am concerned.  My 7yr. old seems to be in his own world constantly.  He doesn't respond to his name, unless I call it four times.  Others ask him a question and he doesn't respond.  He has trouble staying on task, focusing and is sensitive to loud noises when concentrating.  I can send him downstairs to let the dog out, he finds something of interests, twenty minutes later, still hasn't let the dog out.  In a social gathering, seems to be a loner.  Does play well with sibling.  Does well in school academically, but does his school work slower than most.  There is an issue of staying on task at school also.  He is a young second grader (July).  Keeps occupied with the smallest thing for a long, extended time.  Not sure if this behavior is normal, could be personality, or is something wrong?
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It certainly doesn't sound like anything is wrong in the sense of a serious problem. He is young, and seven-year-olds are not famous for zeroing in on tasks. However, it may be that he displays Inattentive-type Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Since he is doing well in school, even if he displays the condition, there's really no need to treat it. If he starts to do less well, it would be prudent to have him evaluated.
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Have you checked him out for a hearing problem?  When I was in grade one I fooled the physicians for years during pre-grade 1, and aced all their hearing tests.  But in grade 1 my teacher finally caught me cheating on a test, and I was then finally diagnoses properly.  I never heard my mom call me for anything.  
It may be a real hidden hearing loss problem he is covering up from everyone.
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My son is severely ADHD and it does sound all too familiar.  Yo might want to check into it??  Good luck.
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