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7 yr old son

My child has a hard time focusing.He is currently in 2nd grade. His previous teachers have all had the same issue. He gets distracted.  They say he is very smart. And knows everything,  but if a pencil falls off the desk he watches it until it stops moving or the child picks it up.Or a leaf falls outside he stares at it until it lands on the ground , ect. ect. I've gotten 2nd and 3rd opinions from different pediatrician's all saying he doesn't have add/adhd. I definitely don't want to go to another doctor and they say he does and put my child on medication.  But it's getting to the point where my child is already getting behind in 2nd grade. He "by the grace of God" just barely made it to 2nd grade. He's in cub scouts now, he didn't do well in sports nor did he have the attention span for them. He likes to make friends and play but he also loves sitting in his play room talking to himself and his Lego's.
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Hi there.  The joys of parenthood, right?  being detectives to figure out what is going on with our kiddos?  

Do you notice any of this stuff at home?  he could be bored (especially if he is ahead of the class in knowledge.)  However, not doing the work is a problem.  Some 'gifted' kids have trouble with the work but more out of things like perfectionism.  Does he respond to reward charts and things like that?

I have a son though with sensory integration disorder.  It is not add/adhd btu also neurologically based.  It is hard for him to tune things out  at times and also he can then hyper focus on something.  Sensory kids do not take medication (doesn't work) so we have done occupational therapy and learned how to keep him regulated which helps with focus.  Things like swimming, jumping on a trampoline, heavy exercise, lifting a 3 pound weight, pushing something weighted, etc. all make a huge difference.  When he has lots of that type of activity, he responds very well and is much better with the school dynamic.  He also does well with a stress ball or hand fidget at school.  the teacher keeps a basket and offers them to any kids who want them so my son isn't singled out.  This is a  well known OT tool to keep kids engaged mentally with what the teacher is doing.  But honestly, the outside of school things help the most.  Before school, my son used to (he's in enough sports now that it's not as much of an issue) do push ups, crab walks, leap frogs for about 15 minutes before getting out the door.  It made all the difference in the world.  It actually regulates the whole nervous system.  

If you need any more ideas, I am happy to help~!
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    Ummmm,  the teachers say he is very smart - and he barely makes it to second grade?  They  have noticed he gets distracted.  Kind of common for 6 and 7 year old boys, but it sounds like they notice it more with him then the other kids?   Something is not quite right.  Beginning to think it might be his doctors.  
    How did they reach their decision?   They should have had both the home and school fill out surveys about him.  If all they did was to observe him in their office - that is not the accepted practice.   And, if the surveys were done (?), the time of year is important as that relates to how well the teacher knows the child.    And, its always possible that the doctors are looking for the classic hyperactive child and not one who has ADD or ""Predominantly Inattentive Type".   A good link on the differences is here -
    I certainly would consider another medical opinion, but unless you can find a pediatrician who specializes in ADHD, I would like for a child psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD.  And, if he does have ADHD - these doctors will be a much better resource to work with you and him in dealing with this.  I hope this helps if you have any more questions please post here or here where I also am the CL http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175
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