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7ry old boy w/ AD/HD eating his poop after dinner and befor bed.

My son is 7 and was recently diagnosed with AD/HD. since he was old enough to crawl he has been putting any and everything he can find in his mouth and eating them,  from dust bunnies, whole childrens books, whole crayons to plastic blinds and collars and sleves of shirts and coats and chews his nails so bad he often has infections. Recently he startes going poo at dinner time, either just befor or just after we eat  and he would be gone for 15-30mis. then he would do this again at bed time, sometimes twice (befor and after he brushes his teeth). The other night he came to give me a hug and his face smelled of poo. i asked to smell his breath and his fingers, they smelled like poo as well.
My boyfriend and I asked him why he does this he said he is either hungry, or bored. but he is always snacking and eats alot at dinner.  When asked if he likes the taste? he sais it has no taste.
he also wets the bed everynight still. I dont know if the 2 are connected at all.
I have spoken to the Dr befor about him having PICA but he said it was normal child behaviour (this was befor the poo) I have made an appointment but it is not for a while.
I have 2 other children ( one older one younger) they don't do this.
Could he have built up an immunity since he has been eating all kinds of things since a very young age?
Does anyone know how to stop it? Or have any other usefull information??
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    Ummm,  I would guess that he was smelling his fingers or hand and got some poop on his face - rather then eating it.  Which would also explain why he said it has no taste.  
   Its kind of typical for kids with ADHD to have wetting problems - they just don't stop long enough to pee until its too late.  But, I usually hear about this more during the day.  Is he a really sound sleeper?
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he is also on medication for his AD/HD
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I asked him to let me smell his breath, it smelled of poo as well.

yes he is a very sound sleeper, it takes forever for him to get to sleep. once hes asleep - hes out. I was told by MANY ppl boys wet the bed longer then girls, but my main concern is the poo issue...
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Hi there.  Well, I do agree that urinating during the night is common with children with nervous system issues and actually the percentage of night time wetters in general is probably higher than  you think.  12% of kids up until 9 years old still wet at night.  Kids are in constant motion have the issue but probably more so it involves the signaling from the nervous system.  It doesn't send a strong enough signal to wake the child to get up and go to the bathroom.  Most actually have parents that had this same issue as kids and most outgrow it.  

Regarding the poo.  I'm tending to agree with Sandman.  However, if your child has a history of impulsively eating 'odd' things, I'd look into Pica.  
good luck
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