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9 monyh ignores me at times

I am getting very concerned abput my 9 month old baby girl. She is a very happy smilie baby, always smiles when she sees people. She gives kisses and cuddles but more to her dolly than me... she imitates me points and looks in a direction im looking in. Says "ohhh" or what sounds like look when she points to things. Claps hands and waves bye.. not all the time though just when prompted. She babbles but hTime said moma yet.. stge is crawling and trying to stand up.. plays with toys, balls and anything really.. gets very excited when I take out the trike to ho walkies.. she seens to be developing well.

 My issue is, when I call her she tends to ignore me... I could say her name over and she might not look. This doesnt happen all the time but quite a bit. If she is playing with something or generally distracted.  It freaks me out because I thought babies are supposed to respond fairly often. If someone she doesnt see often calls her she wil look right away. Im so paranoid it could be something serious. if I call her by her name alone she might ignore me but if I say " look Lily - Mai" she looks right away.

 She loves being held, we co sleep and she needs me there to fall asleep. Loves cuddles and could sit on my lap for ages . She loves interacting with my 3 year old nephew and other babies her age. Im a first time mom so im not sure what to expect.  Is this normal or should I be concerned.  I might add im a complete worrier.. always have been.. Thanks in advance.
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I have four kids and to me you described perfectly normal 9 month old
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  Have you had her hearing checked?
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I think it's normal my little boy is the same way.  You could try playing a game of some sort to help her look at you or come to you when you call her I would Google some games and try them. My son is 19 months old and doesn't look at me every time especially when distracted.  
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