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9 yr old hearing voices, sees letters & numbers as colors

My 9yr old son is very intelligent. He was doing monomial algebra at the age of 7, making up his own math problems and everything. His father had PTSD from Iraq and we eventually divorced when he was 4. Ever since, he has had anger issues. I have had him to 3 counselors, all of which state he is normal. I have seen him draw pictures of harming his sister by shooting her and cooking her in a pot over fire. Recently, we were studying for EOGs and he told me he sees numbers and letters as colors and that days and months are spatial (Thursday is four steps backwards and to the right).  This is called grapheme. I'm okay with that. However, today, on the way home from school he informed me that he keeps hearing voices in his head and they're not in the room with him. He hears them call his name over and over. I reassured him that I hear voices from  time to time as well, but I choose not to communicate with them b/c I can't see them. I told him if they bother me, I simply tell them to leave me alone. I also told him that if the voices start telling him bad things, to let me know so we can make them be quiet.
I figured this would validate his experiences and comfort him.  
We are a religous family and I do believe in spiritual capabilities.  At what point should I take him to a psych or counselor for testing? I'm at a loss.
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Oh, any time.  The grapheme stuff is really interesting, and if he could see how special it is that he has it (some people hear music when they see colors, and things like that) it would be helpful to him.  And a good children's therapist would be able to assess the voices issue, and might have some wise suggestions for helping him not be freaked out about it.
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