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My 6 year old Nephew is failing Kindergarten. His teacher said
if he does not improve 75 precent by the end of the year he will
be held back. He knows his phone number, but not the days of the
week. He can count to 30, but if you use flash cards and mix them
up, he gets confused. He particates in class, but cuts the other
children off. He asct like they are not even talking. He knowes
is colors, but has trouble with shapes. One time he knows all the
shapes, the next time he has no idea what shape is what. He's
good on the computer. He can help other children on them.When I
try to help him I can only hold his attention for about 15 minutes. He gets to the point of saying he's to tired to do any-
more or he just shuts me out. It's like he can't hear anything
I say. I've never had children so I am at a loss as to what to
do. Should he be tested for ADD or do you think the problem is
bigger than that?
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Dear Jackie,

By their very nature, children of Kindergarten age have limited ability to attend for long periods. Nothing you mentioned would point in the direction of ADHD, though by no means does this mean that the condition is absent. Your nephew is not progressing in K to the point one would expect at this point in the school year. It could mean that he is simply showing some developmental lag, it could mean that he has a learning disability, or he may display some emtional disorder (the social behavior you describe may indicate this).

The sensible course of action would be to arrange some educational testing to see if there is an impediment to his learning, and to arrange also a mental health evaluation in order to rule out any emotional or psychological condition.
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