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I have a 13 year old son who has been treated for adha with rialin since 6 years old. 4 months his personatily changed.
He's more risk taking, angry, hateful. Twice he has carved something in his arm with a pin from anger. He was kicked out of school twice in one week. His friend base has changed to the freaky kids. He has a slight learing disability and has flunked one class. 4 weeks ago His Dr. switched him to 20mg of Adderall and his school attention has improved but the other symptoms still occure. He has had blood tested and came back normal.
He also has an EEG because of sleep walking and night terrors (when young) they were also normal.
He has been seeing a therpist. Not sure what to do?
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He's now undergoing developmental changes related to adolescence, and it could be that you are witnessing the symptoms of an emerging mood disorder (alongside his ADHD). Ask the clinician about this possibility. The chances of such an occurrence increase if there is a family history of mood disorder.
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In reply to family history. He is adopted and we have no history>
How do you treat Mood disorder?
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Mood disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar d/o) are treated by a combination of medication and therapy, along with a systematic way to address behavior. So sound collaboration between parents and therapist is important.
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My son had been diagnosed with AD/OD and was unmanageable. I discovered the book, Is This Your Child? by Doris Rapp. She has several other books including Is This Your Child's World? Go to: www.drrapp.org  The basic message is that there are a whole host of behaviors and phyiscal symptoms that could be caused by food intolerances and/or environmental allergies.  Check it out!

We found through elimination diets that our son's explosive/angry behavior was caused by corn products. Removing corn from his diet has given us our son back. We also questioned bipolar disorder and depression. There is some evidence of bipolar symptoms in my husband's family. I believe now these symptoms are/were probably undiagnosed food intolerances.

It is a lot of work to change your diet. We basically eat only whole foods. It beats dosing out the paxil everyday - trust me!
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Son diagnosed ADD/ADHD.  Currently on Concerta 54mg once a day.  He also has food and environmental allergies.  He cannot take injections due to systemic reaction.  He takes Rx Allegra.  Father (deceased) learning disorder and self medicated as an adult with Miller Lite and Cocaine.  I too feel I was or am ADD and looking at relatives see this on both biological sides.  

My question is this:  Is anyone else suffering from Short Term Memory Loss and Brain Fog?  I asked his family doctor if there was a test for him such as PET he answered yes but insurance won't cover it and if they did find something there is nothing anyone can do for him.  HOGWASH..there has to be some help somewhere.  Ps.  No abnormal behavioral problems.  Sweet boy who respects his peers and elders.
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